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Heavy Equipment Shipping in North Dakota

Successful heavy machinery shipping in the Peace Garden State requires a reliable Heavy Equipment Transport company. We have more than a decade of North Dakota shipping experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to move heavy machinery safely through North Dakota. Heavy Equipment Transport offers all-inclusive North Dakota equipment shipping at the most affordable rates.

When you need to ship equipment in North Dakota, contact the experts at Heavy Equipment Transport. You’ll get the best transport‌ solutions customized to fit your needs. Heavy Equipment Transport ships equipment, machinery, oversize loads and more. From flatbeds to extended RGN trailers, our sophisticated transport fleet is guaranteed to include a suitable trailer to help you ship heavy equipment. Heavy Equipment Transport ships your equipment throughout North Dakota. Get your shipping rate now! (888) 730-2951

Common Equipment Shipped by Heavy Equipment Transport

  • Excavator Shipping
  • Dozer Transport
  • Crane Shipping
  • Wheel Loader Transport

  • Backhoe Transportation
  • Boat Transport
  • RV / Motorhome Shipping
  • Semi Truck Transport
  • Heavy Duty Truck Shipping
  • Forklift Transport
  • Boom Lift Shipping
  • Dump Truck Transport
  • Motor Grader Transportation
  • truck


    Andy Fenelus, one of our transport experts, coordinated the transportation of this 54L 8.6W 13.6H and 67000lbs 2015 mobile sterile processing unit from Denton, TX to Fargo, ND. Our client had paid for our expedited transport services and we managed to deliver this 2015 mobile sterile processing unit on time. For power only transport services, call us today!


    Shipping a 2015 mobile sterile processing unit.

    2015 Mobile Sterile Processing Unit Haul

    Origin: Denton, TX

    Destination: Fargo, ND

    Specialist: Andy Fenelus

    Contact Andy: 561-214-4987



    Heavy Equipment Transport is an all-inclusive North Dakota semi truck shipping company. That means we provide the best shipping solutions whether you're transporting an inoperable semi truck, or shipping new semi trucks to North Dakota in bulk. We offer load assistance, truck stacking options, and more. Heavy Equipment Transport provides anything you need for North Dakota semi truck shipping.

    For over a decade, Heavy Equipment Transport has been the go-to local North Dakota semi truck shipping company. Our clients know they can rely on us because every semi truck transport is handled with quality and professionalism. We work with the experienced drivers who know the ins-and-outs of North Dakota semi truck transport regulations. Heavy Equipment Transport is licensed, bonded, and insured to haul your semi truck, so you can be confident in our skills. Call now for a North Dakota semi truck transport rate! (888) 730-2951

    Common Cities We Ship To

  • Bismarck, ND Equipment Shipping
  • Fargo, ND Equipment Shipping

    Although not served by many shipping routes as the northeastern states, North Dakota boasts a decent network of trucking routes, including the following:

  • I-29
  • I-31
  • I-94
  • US Route 85

  • Starting from North Dakota's southern border, I-29 spans 217 miles across the state to Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) at the US-Canada border. It has a maximum speed limit 0f 75 mph, and with no barrier separating the lanes, trucking drivers must exercise utmost caution and safety when plying the route. I-31 is a continuation of the SD-65 and starts at the South Dakota border, connecting the cities like Flasher and the greater Bismarck region.

    I-94 spans from the eastern to western border, a distance of about 350 miles. It starts from Fargo, through major towns, such as Tower City, Jamestown, Bismarck, New Salem, Dickinson, before reaching the Montana state border in the west. Lastly, the US Route 85 stretches about 255 miles along the western state border. It's one of the busiest shipping routes in North Dakota, with countless commercial oil and heavy-hauling trucks moving loads on the road daily.

    Where Is Your Heavy Equipment Headed?

    Trailer Type

    Heavy Equipment Transport uses all types of trailers. We provide the best trailer trucking solutions to fit your needs. Find out more below!

    RGN Trailer

    RGN trailers are removable gooseneck trailers. These are a type of flat deck trailer, where the gooseneck at the front can be removed, creating a ramp. Find out more about our RGN trailer trucking solutions now!

    STEP DECK Trailer

    Also known as drop decks or lowboys, step deck trailers have multiple levels. It steps down in spots, allowing freight to be lower to the ground. Find out more about our step deck trailer trucking solutions now!

    FLATBED Trailer

    Flatbed trailers are one of the most common types on the road. They work for a wide variety of heavy equipment transport. Find out how we can provide flatbed trailer trucking solutions to fit your needs!