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Successful Motorhome and RV Transport Services Include

Transporting RVs From The U.S. to Canada
Shipping Motorhomes From Canada to The U.S.
Local RV and Motorhome Transport • Oversize Motorhome Shipping • Hauling Broken Down RVs • Cross-Country RV and Motorhome Shipping • And More!

Reliable and Unbeatable RV Shipping Services: We Deliver Excellence With Each Transport!

You need reliable and quality RV transport services. RV's, also known as recreational vehicles, come in various types. But the goal is still the same. RV's allow you to travel while taking some of the comforts of home. And when it's time to ship that RV, you deserve the best.

What You Get When You Ship an RV With Heavy Equipment Transport:

  • • Nationwide Hauling Services
  • • Safety is a Priority
  • • Affordable RV Shipping Rates
  • • Permits Acquired
  • • Experienced Drivers
  • • Route Planning
  • • A Dedicated Logistics Agent
  • • And More!

First time shipping an RV?

No problem!

We handle every detail for a hassle-free RV transport experience.

Heavy Equipment Transport has 13+ years of experience hauling recreation vehicles safely and delivering on time.

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Transporting a travel trailer rv.

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Expert RV Transport: Your Trusted Partner in Motorhome Shipping

Ship your RV with a company that has experience and expertise. Our honed RV transport skills provide tailored hauling solutions for your needs.

Heavy Equipment Transport is the go-to solution for all your RV shipping needs.

We provide:

  • • Local RV Transport
  • • Cross-Country RV Shipping
  • • RV Towing Services
  • • Canada and Mexico RV Transport
  • • and More

At Heavy Equipment Transport we're dedicated to providing you with top quality RV shipping services. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to haul your RV anywhere in the U.S. and internationally.

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How to Ship an RV/Motorhome with Heavy Equipment Transport

Shipping an RV or motorhome, demands expertise and precision. At Heavy Equipment Transport, our seasoned professionals are your trusted partners for seamless RV transportation. With years of experience in the industry, we've perfected the art of RV shipping, ensuring a smooth process whether you're located in Canada, Mexico, or any U.S. state.

Our RV Shipping Process

  1. 1. Accurate Measurement: We begin by precisely measuring your RV, taking into account its exact dimensions.

  2. 2. Tailored Trailer Selection: Your input matters. We collaborate with you to choose the ideal trailer for your RV's safe and secure transport.

  3. 3. Transparent Pricing: We provide a transparent and competitive shipping quote, so you know the cost of our exceptional RV transport services upfront.

Common Types of RVs Shipped by Heavy Equipment Transport

  • Truck Campers
  • Caravans
  • Campervans
  • Motorhomes
  • Fifth-Wheel Trailers
  • Pop Out Campers
  • excavator

    Class A Motorhomes

    Class A motorhomes are known for having large living spaces, which makes the RVs ideal for dedicated adventurers looking for comfort. Fortunately, class A motorhomes can store a lot of cargo, enabling you to travel over long distances. You will also find various luxury amenities in different brands of class A motorhomes.

    Class B Motorhomes

    If you are looking for easy-to-drive recreational vehicles, class B motorhomes are what you need to get. Class B motorhomes, which are also referred to as camper vans, are effortless to maintain, and ideal for day-time adventures and camping. Most class B motorhomes are powered by either diesel or gasoline.

    Class C Motorhomes

    Class C motorhomes are mid-sized recreational vehicles that are typically built on the top of trucks. Class C motorhomes are ideal for families going on vacation, or a large group of friends since the vehicles also have extra sleeping facilities. All class C motorhomes are comfortable because they are self-contained.

    Towable RVs

    Towable RVs are full-sized motorhomes that are inexpensive and dependable. If you require recreational vehicles for excursions or running various errands, towable RVs, which are like detachable vehicles, are an excellent choice. There are various brands of towable RVs on the market, and you ought to choose yours wisely.


    Campers are recreational vehicles that you connect to a hitch on either a ball hitch or in your truck bed's middle. Campers are a bit cheap and great for accommodating children because there is a lot of playing space. Whenever you take campers with you on trips, always park them in a safe space.

    Fifth Wheels

    In a variety of ways, fifth wheels are similar to standard travel trailers. The main difference is that fifth wheels have a gooseneck connector which you can use to attach to your vehicle. Some of the advantages of fifth wheels include the fact that there is plenty of living and storage space, plus modern amenities.

    Expandable RVs

    Expandable RVs are hybrids between traditional travel trailers and pop-up campers. While on the road, expandable RVs look like travel trailers, but when you reach your campsite, you can comfortably expand areas to create more space that may come in handy when sleeping at night. The market has different models of expandable RVs.

    Toy RVs

    Toy RVs come with the features of sport utility trailers and travel RV trailers, and are ideal for travelers who camp and indulge in motorsports at the same time. Toy RVs are also perfect for individuals who want to carry their snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and ATVs when they are going for adventures.

    Tear Drop Camper Hauling

    As the name suggests, tear-drop campers are known for their tear-drop shape. These campers offer various amenities you would expect to get in a modern camper. Typically, these campers are about six feet wide,10 feet long, and a height of five feet. As such, you will require an experienced tear-drop camper shipping company to haul it where you need it.

    Travel Trailer Shipping

    Travel trailers come in varying shapes, weights, and sizes, common for family vacations. The term travel trailer is broad, describing the types of RV's towed behind a car. Travel trailers are the most popular type of non-motorized RV.

    Truck Bed Camper Transport

    A Truck Bed Camper offers the best accommodation versatility and off-road capabilities. They fit snuggly into the bed of a pickup truck, allowing you options. The RV portion "slides" in the bed of the pickup truck and then you simply drive away.

    Motorhome Shipping

    Motorhomes are a recreational vehicles that many people use to travel the country. They come in Class A, Class B, and Class C types. Motorhomes are versatile and used for a variety of recreational activities.

    Pop Up Camper Transport

    Pop-up campers, also known as towed recreational vehicles, are collapsible for easy towing and storage. Before transport, our logistics agent will ask for more details concerning your pop-up campers, including model, year, size, and weight, and determine the best equipment to haul them.

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