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Heavy Equipment Transport is an all-inclusive shipping company with over a decade of experience shipping freight. We haul everything from LTL cargo to super loads while providing everything you need to do it safely. Our team of expert logistics agents guides you through the process of transport and provides the best services available.

When it comes to transporting heavy equipment, we are the experts. Each logistics agent is expertly trained to provide the best quality service, at the most affordable rates. Whether you need pilot vehicles, load assistance, or specialty trailers, Heavy Equipment Transport will provide it. We go above and beyond to provide a top-quality shipping experience for every client. See all of our services below, and call us to find out more! (888) 730-2951

Break Bulk Cargo Shipping Services

Break bulk cargo is any freight that doesn't fit in standard shipping containers due to awkward dimensions. Instead it is transported individually on a skid or pallet. This includes construction equipment, oversize vehicles, boats and more.

Bulk Equipment Transport Services

Bulk equipment transport solutions are not the same as neo bulk or break bulk. In this case, it's shipping multiple pieces of machinery at once. This could be anything from lawn mowers to heavy duty trucks. Bulk equipment transport often requires expert planning.

Cartage Trucking Services

Cartage trucking is hauling freight over short distances. We provide cartage trucking solutions in towns and commercial areas that other companies don’t reach. Our trucking solutions are tailored to fit your needs. Find out more!

Catastrophic Recovery Services

Catastrophic recovery hauling is one of our most important services. We offer solutions for communities that have been impacted by disastrous events. This can include natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. As well as man made events.

Delivery Assistance Services

If you need help unloading your freight, we're here to provide. Heavy Equipment Transport helps with offloading by utilizing cranes, ramps, or whatever is needed. We provide delivery assistance solutions for all equipment and machinery.

Drayage Trucking Services

Drayage trucking is transporting equipment and machinery over short distances. This tends to be part of a bigger move. Drayage trucking may be moving your equipment from the job to the shipyard. Let us handle your drayage trucking solutions now.

Drive Away Services

Drive away services is when you have a professional physically drive your truck or equipment from one place to another. Every driver we work with is licensed, bonded, and insured. Each professional has years of experience in drive away service.

Expedited Transport Services

Expedited equipment transport is when you need your freight delivered in a hurry. Because of DOT laws and driving regulations, expedited transport requires safe planning and execution. Team drivers, or relay expedited options are available.

Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding is when you use a company, like Heavy Equipment Transport, to handle the transportation of freight. The company handles everything from finding the best truck, driver, and trailer, to ensuring you get a fair shipping rate.

Heavy Equipment Transort Services

Heavy equipment transport is the process of moving oversize equipment and machinery. This type of transport requires specialty trailers, permits, and more. Construction equipment, mining equipment, and other large machinery are considered heavy equipment.

Heavy Equipment Logistics Services

Our logistics transport team is available any time. Each team member is highly trained in moving heavy equipment. Your dedicated logistics agent will handle every step of your shipping solution. From dispatch to delivery, we've got you covered.


Heavy Equipment Transport hauls equipment all over the world. We provide transport solutions for international import and export. Our logistics agents handle every aspect of overseas equipment shipping. Find out more now!

Liftgate Services

Liftgate services are provided to help lift heavy objects, such as pallets, boxes, or even forklifts to the opening of a of a truck. The liftgate is a hydraulic device that is installed on the rear of the truck. This is often used for LTL loads.

Limited Access Pickup/Delivery Services

When your equipment or machinery are in hard-to-reach areas, you need a company who knows what they're doing. Heavy Equipment Transport provides shipping solutions for limited access pickups and delivery.

Load Tracking for Cargo

Heavy Equipment Transport provides load tracking for every client. This allows you to keep up with your heavy equipment in real time. Your dedicated logistics specialist will be able to assist you load tracking. This way you have a worry-free transport experience.

LTL Shipping Services

LTL shipping is also known as Less than Truckload shipping. That means the open or enclosed trailer is not filled to capacity. LTL transport is utilized for smaller equipment and machinery. LTL is an option for local and long distance transport.

Neo Bulk Cargo Shipping Services

Neo bulk is a type of marine cargo that is able to be prepackaged and counted during loading and unloading. It is a subcategory of general or break bulk cargo. A chocking system is typically used to safely secure neobulk cargo.

Oversize Load Transport Services

Oversize loads can be anything from shipping containers to industrial machinery. If it doesn't fit the standard dimensions of transport, it's considered oversize. Oversize load transport solutions require a skilled and knowledgeable team.

Pilot Car Services

Pilot car services are required for oversize and wide loads. They ride along with the main truck, navigating them through traffic. This keeps the transport team safe, along with the general public. Heavy Equipment Transport also provides pilot cars.

Port-to-Port Transport

Port to port shipping solutions involves transporting your equipment to a port for shipping overseas. This also includes picking up your equipment from the port to deliver to the final destination. We provide port to port transport solutions for all heavy equipment.

Power Only Shipping Services

Power only shipping services work for trailers, whether loaded or unloaded, that you need a power unit to haul. You provide the trailer, we provide the truck for power only transport.

Project Cargo Hauling Services

Project cargo hauling is done for high value pieces of equipment. At Heavy Equipment Transport we move project cargo freight anywhere in the United States and overseas. We transport project cargo on flatbeds, drop decks, hot shots, and more.

Roll On/Roll Off Services

Roll On/Roll Off solutions are provided for the type of ship transport for various wheeled vehicles. This is done with the help of rollers that allow easy efficiency when loading and unloading cargo. Also known as Ro/Ro shipping, this is often used for marine transport.

Shipping Container Moving Services

Shipping container moving solutions come in a variety of types. Based on the size of your shipping container, the destination, and more, we'll provide the best transport. Let's get the best moving solution for your container transport now!

Super Load Transport Services

Superload transports require specialty trailers to ensure the equipment is hauled safely. Superloads exceed even oversize and wide load dimensions, which means they require specialty permits and dedicated routes. Pilot cars must escort superloads for safety.

Heavy Equipment Towing Services

Heavy Equipment Transport provides local towing services for vehicles or equipment. If you need towing solutions for your car or factory machinery, we'll get it where it needs to be. We have a large fleet of tow trucks and more to handle all your towing needs.

Trade Show Shipping Services

When you buy new or used heavy equipment from trade shows, you need reliable transport to haul it. Companies like Heavy Equipment Transport provide shipping and delivery straight from the trade show, at the most affordable rates.

Trailer Load Out Services

Trailer load out services is when freight is hauled on a trailer being transported by the shipper. Load out is a method of transport is beneficial to both parties, and saves the client quite a bit of money. Find out more about load out services today!

Trailer Transport Services

Heavy Equipment Transport provides hauling for all trailer types including: flatbed, removable gooseneck (RGN), lowboy, drop deck, and more. We can haul your trailer on another, or provide power only services for transport.

Multi-Axle Trailer Transport Services

Heavy Equipment Transport provides all multi-axle trailers for oversize and super loads. We offer a variety of trailers including tri-axle, 10 axle, and even 20 axle trailers. Find out more now!

Truck Stacking Services

Truck stacking with drop deck trailers is more affordable than shipping individually. Using a drop deck trailer, we provide truck stacking solutions so you get your load delivered safely and on time. Let’s get started!

Wide Load Shipping Services

Wide loads must be transported on an open trailer, such as a flatbed. Because the equipment exceeds the maximum dimensions for a standard load, it needs special permits. As with oversize loads, wide loads need to be handled with care.

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