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Professional Heavy-Equipment Drayage Trucking Services

Is your shipping container arriving in the country on a ship, and you want it transported by rail to its final destination? Heavy Equipment Transport is here to bridge the gap, providing exceptional drayage trucking services to a wide range of clients in different industries. We have every resource at our arsenal to provide efficient and satisfactory container drayage shipping, from a competent team of logistics experts and equipment to the financial capability and warehouse facilities. That makes HET a reliable partner for transporting shipping containers.

Whether it is drayage shipping across a few blocks within your locality or 100-mile haulage across the city, we will accord the trailer the best arrangement. Our goal is to help you prosper in your business pursuits. That's why we are tacitly obliged to get to the loading yard in time, get the container on the trailer safely, and have it on the road so that we beat the delivery deadline. Call now for a free shipping estimate! (888) 730-2951

Enjoy Insured Drayage & Delivery both Nationwide and International

Heavy Equipment Transport a strong industry bonding, insurance, and business license to render drayage services as part of an intermodal shipment process. And we play our role exceptionally. We will organize for pick-ups at the port terminal, rail stations, and harbors and carefully hoist and load the cargo on a capable trailer. All our seasoned drivers are insured with enough coverage to take care of any damages, losses, or thefts during the move. We are also equipped with a secondary contingency freight insurance to back up our drivers whose coverage may not be sufficient to compensate a client.

Drayage is part of a long logistics process. Most drayage services involve the transportation of shipping containers from one point to another, to facilitate the next stage of the intermodal hauling process. At HET, all our representatives are professional and honest. Therefore, we maintain a high level of transparency when calculating estimates, for it is our role to help you save without lowballing our solutions. Let’s get started! (888) 730-2951


How to Experience Drayage Services with Heavy Equipment Transport

Drayage is a fast and safe delivery service that strategically support international or long-distance transportation. The smooth and fast towing of goods from companies to outlets or from the point of extraction to a processing firm play a significant role in the development of major industries. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we understand the importance of drayage services. For this reason, our drayage transport division is equipped with the best and advanced trucking vehicles and experienced transport teams who are always ready to deliver your goods to the desired location any time and day of the week.

Experience our quick and efficient drayage services by contracting HET today. Once the container ship makes it to the port, we will be ready, waiting to move the cargo to the intended warehouse, port, or any other specified location. We will ensure the load undergoes smooth transportation to reach the client in time. We are ready to shift our resources in case anything should go awry, in the bid to streamline the operations and make up for the lost time. Call us for drayage trucking services now! (888) 730-2951

Common Types of Drayage and Trucking Services at Heavy Equipment Transport

  • Expedited Drayage
  • Inter-Carrier Drayage
  • Intra-Carrier Drayage
  • Door-To-Door
  • Shuttle Drayage
  • Pier Drayage
  • excavator

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