What Are Excavator Stick Extensions?

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Excavators can sometimes need an extension if the attached arm is too short to reach areas at an extended location. Excavator stick extensions are crucial construction equipment accessories that mechanics use to extend to hard-to-reach places during a project. To save time and reduce the costs of the projects, the attachments at the excavator’s boom have multiple benefits, including flexibility, versatility, and efficiency. They can also be shipped along with your excavator.

In addition, the extension can demolish unwanted walls or buildings, excavate the ground in preparation for construction, and dig out an immense amount of dirt from a particular space. Improving the excavator’s arm is essential if it’s too short to access some vital areas in the site. Getting the best or right excavator stick accessory for your wheel loader, dozers, and excavators requires the help of a professional contractor who understands the ins and outs of extensions. Learn more about excavator extension in this blog.

An Introduction to Excavator Stick Extensions

“The long extensions, which are 13 feet, are primarily for improving excavator reach for increased efficiency and performance of the heavy construction equipment.”

Excavator stick extensions are construction machinery attachments that provide an additional length to far-to-reach places.  They  are similar to long reach excavators. The long extensions, which are 13 feet, are primarily for improving excavator reach for increased efficiency and performance of the heavy construction equipment. They are installed to the boom of excavators, dozers, and wheel loaders to get to things or locations the short stick attachments could not reach. The construction equipment accessories are for lifting heavy soil or dirt, destroying walls during demolitions, and excavating the ground in construction sites. The benefits of excavator extensions are not limited to:

  • • Improving excavator reach to hard-to-access locations within the construction site.
  • • Hassle-free installation of the extension.
  • • Enhanced productivity during construction projects as it easily gets to places that are hard to reach.
  • • Effective time management because the long-reach extension reduces the multiple relocations done by excavators with short boom and stick configuration.
  • • More flexibility is inevitable with the excavator extension.
  • • Affordability because you only need to change the stick extension and not buy a new excavator with the appropriate long reach.
  • • Versatility is another advantage because you can select from different brands, such as Caterpillar and John Deere, for length and output.
  • • Effective in handling diverse earth materials, such as sand, clay, dust, or rocks.
Shipping a long reach excavator on a flatbed trailer.

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Choosing the Right Stick Extensions for Your Excavator

If your excavator has a short arm that fails to reach some vital places or things, it is time you invest in a long excavator stick extension. Choosing the most efficient options requires help from expert construction contractors or mechanics. Some of the aspects to consider when selecting the right stick extension include:

  • Budget: the price of the excavator extension should be within your budget to prevent getting into financial problems.

  • The project at hand: understanding the type of task the construction equipment accessories are to handle, such as excavation, digging, lifting, or demolition, can help in finding an excavator extension that will get the job done fast and efficiently.

  • Excavator type: the excavator stick extension you get should be compatible with the heavy construction equipment. The long-reach attachment should be easy to install in crawlers, dragline or suction excavators, and other earthmoving equipment like wheel loaders.

  • Compatible with the boom: since the stick attachment is on the boom of an excavator, the hired contractor can ensure the boom and stick configurations are correct for peak performance.

  • Material: The extension should handle different ground materials, including concrete, dirt, and rocks.
Transporting an excavator on a lowboy trailer.

Safely Transporting Your Excavator and Stick Extension

Heavy Equipment Transport is the shipping company to call if you want seamless transportation of your excavator extensions and other heavy equipment. We will ensure your cargo gets to your construction site safely and on time. Our team also helps clients select the best trailer to haul the equipment and use tie-downs to secure it for safe transportation. Do not hesitate to call us if you are ready to get your excavator and other 

In short, excavators and their attachments are vital construction equipment that aid in demolishing unwanted sites, digging deeper trenches, and removing unwanted dirt. Stick extensions for improving excavator reach are crucial in projects that need reach to hard-to-access areas. Choosing the right excavator extension is a task that requires you to consider aspects such as the size of the excavator and the extension, type of excavating equipment, materials, and compatibility.

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