Types of Trailers Used to Ship Semi Trucks

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William Thomas / January 2021

Types of Trailers Used to Ship Semi Truck

So, you want to transport your semi-truck to another destination which might be a little too far for you to drive. Maybe you are relocating to a new place. Or perhaps you have just purchased a new 18-wheeler that, for one reason or another, is not running at the moment. Ideally, semi-trucks are shipped and delivered just like any other large vehicle. This is because they are too large to be transported in an open or enclosed trailer. If you are transporting your semi-truck over a short distance, the easiest and most inexpensive option would be to pull it behind another semi-truck. Ideally, the semi will be attached to the fifth wheel of the other semi-truck while its front or rear wheels are allowed to remain on the road. The truck is set to neutral and then towed to its destination. Unfortunately, this method puts major stress on the drive terrain and is therefore not reliable when hauling over long distances.

Common Trailer Types Used to Transport My Semi Truck

If you are shipping your semi over a long distance, the best trailer options for transport may be a flatbed or lowboy trailer. A flatbed trailer is one of the most common types used in heavy equipment transport. They have a flat deck with no roof and sides, which allows you to load your cargo from either side or the back. When trucking your semi-truck on a flatbed trailer, you might need to utilize additional equipment such as cranes and forklifts while loading. Chains, straps, and other bindings also go a long way when it comes to securing your cargo in position. This prevents the load from shifting during the move, which might compromise your safety on the road.

You can also ship your semi-truck on a Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN). One advantage of these trailer types is that they have a detachable front hitch that transforms the trailer into a ramp facilitating easy equipment loading. These trailers are often custom-designed and built to fit specific purposes, with axles ranging from two to twenty. If your semi-truck is operable, this would be the best option, given its flexibility and the ease of loading and offloading cargo. If you have no experience in moving such largo as your semi, the best option for you would be to seek the services of a heavy hauling company to guarantee you a safe and productive moving process which might save you plenty of time and money in the long run. One of the advantages of such an arrangement is that these logistics experts will guide you in choosing the right trailer for your specific load to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Besides, such companies as Heavy Equipment Transport have been in the industry for such a long time; They have the experience in moving such loads as your semi-truck. Their divers know of the shortest and safest to use, ensuring that your cargo gets to its destination safely and on time.

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Cost of Transporting Semi Trucks

The cost of shipping your semi-truck will vary depending on the following factors;

  • – The shipping distance.
  • – The type of your particular semi-truck and its dimensions.
  • – Whether your semi is operable or not.
  • – The permits required for legal hauling of your semi-truck.
  • – What type of load assistance you might require.
  • – Whether you are transporting the truck only or the trailer as well.
  • – Your heavy hauling company of choice.

To be sure of the exact costs, you might want to talk to a heavy equipment transport specialist. The best transport companies must be ready to provide you with and precise and transparent quote.