How to Ship a Semi-Truck Overseas

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William Thomas / January 2021

Are you thinking about shipping a semi-truck overseas? Consult Heavy Equipment Transport to know what the moving process entails and what you should do to make it smoother. Our transport professionals are also ready to haul this heavy equipment for you at a pocket-friendly rate.

Shipping Semi Trucks Overseas with Ease

Heavy Equipment Transport specializes in moving a wide range of heavy equipment, including all types of semi-trucks. Note that various things come into play when we’re determining how to transport your piece of machinery overseas. For instance, if your vehicle is operational, we could opt for “roll-on, roll-off” shipping, where we’ll latch it to the ship with other semi-trucks. This method is cost-effective and ideal for you if your budget is small.

Container shipping is the best method Heavy Equipment Transport uses to ship in operational semi-trucks overseas. If you need the equipment within the shortest time possible, we advise you to go for exclusive container shipping. We’re going to move the semi-truck in its container, protecting it from any potential damage. In case you don’t mind waiting for the machinery for a while, shared container shipping suits you. We require you to be a little patient until we load other semi-trucks into your container. This option is slower than exclusive container shipping, but more affordable.

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Transport Your Semi-Trucks Overseas Today

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Perks of Hauling Semi-Trucks Overseas with Heavy Equipment Transport

When you hire Heavy Equipment Transport to transport your semi-truck overseas, anticipate the following benefits:

Impeccable Planning

Excellent planning is among our major selling points. Our logistics experts invest time in determining the best method to load your semi-truck and secure it safely so that it can reach you while it’s in its original condition. In addition, we research to find out the best routes to use to get to your location, even when you need us to deliver this heavy machine to your doorstep.

Constant Communication

Heavy Equipment Transport knows when you’re expecting such a precious delivery, you may grow restless. It’s understandable, but we aim to make things better by updating you on everything we’re doing to ensure your semi-truck arrives at your destination safely. In addition, our competent, responsive, and friendly customer service agents are available all week, 24/7, to see to it that you’re fully informed about your equipment’s location.

Timely Delivery

At Heavy Equipment Transport, we respect your time. We also understand that you may have made urgent plans regarding using your semi-truck, and we don’t want to ruin them. That’s why our moving experts will make all efforts to meet your timely delivery requirements at all times.

How to Transport Semi-Trucks Overseas

Transporting semi-trucks overseas with Heavy Equipment Transport is effortless, thanks to our highly professional moving experts with decades of experience. Tell us when you’d like us to move the piece of machinery, and where we should deliver it. We’ll take care of everything and even exceed your expectations.