Multi-Axle Trailer Transport

Using the best multi-axle trailers to ship your oversize and super loads.

The Best Multi-Axle Trailers for Oversize Loads

When it comes to oversize or super loads, some standard trailers won’t do that job. That’s when multi-axle trailers, also known as specialized trailers, come in. These are specially designed with extra axles to help better disperse the weight of the load. This also allows the oversize or super load to remain within legal specifications for the Department of Transport. Multi axle trailers are considered “heavy hauling trailers” as they are designed to transport loads that weigh in excess of 200,000lbs.

There are a variety of multi-axle trailer types. Tri axle trailers are common, but there are trailers with as many as twenty axles for transport. These trailers are specially designed to safely transport oversize and super load freight. The bigger the freight, the more dangerous the job. Having the best multi-axle trailer and team of professionals helps get your freight delivered safely and on time. Call Heavy Equipment Transport and we’ll find the best multi-axle trailer to ship your equipment today! (888) 730-2951


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