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Transporting heavy loads is easy and fast using a specialized trailer such as a 10 axle trailer. With a professional like Heavy Equipment Transport, your heavy load is loaded on a 10 axle trailer or any other trailer depending on the size and weight. We offer door-to-door and terminal to terminal 10 axle trailer transport services. We fully insure your shipment and make you a holder of the insurance cover. That’s to ensure if anything were to happen to your shipment, you can claim compensation directly from the insurance company. When you book our 10 axle trailer transport services, we assign your shipment to a specific agent whose work is to process the paperwork, acquire shipping permits, and dispatch it on time. Our 10 axle trailer transport services are available across every city in 50 states, Canada and Mexico. We take care of your load and ensure it’s delivered safely and on time.


Get to Know Everything About 10 Axle Trailers

10 axle trailers can handle loads weighing up to 120,000 pounds. In addition, they’re able to increase their width from 8.2 ft to 10.8 ft whether they’re using hydraulic or air suspension. They extend up to 110 feet bumper to bumper making them ideal for oversize load transportation. The weight of the oversize cargo is distributed evenly across every set of axles creating stability. Heavy Equipment Transport uses 10 axles RGN trailers which are easy to load and unload oversize cargo. Their chassis are strong because they’re made of tensile steel. These workhorses rely on reverse gooseneck couplings, among others, to deputy all units and build capacity for cargo to be transported. The platform of 10 axle trailers can range 16.5 feet, while their total length can be 17.5 feet to 25 feet. The size of a 10 trailer used depends on the cargo.

Safe and Reliable 10 Axle Trailer Transport Services

Heavy Equipment Transport offers affordable 10 axle trailer transport services. Once you book our services, we provide you with a free and all-inclusive shipping quote. For clients in need of urgent 10 axle trailer transport, we provide expedited services at an added cost. When our team gets to the pick-up location, they inspect the heavy load and fill a BOL form. That form is later used at the drop-off location to confirm if it's delivered in the same state. Our drivers are professionals with years of experience. They know the best routes to use and make regular integrity checks to adjust the load's straps because they quickly become loose. We’re careful to ensure there’s no bruising or any accident during the loading and unloading process. For timely and affordable 10 axle trailer shipping services, contact us today through our toll-free number (888) 730-2951.

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