Colorado Heavy Equipment Shipping and Tractor-Trailer Transport

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A Colorado Equipment Shipping Company You Can Rely On

Heavy equipment transport services are available in every Colorado city, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Castle Rock, and Grand Junction. Whether you need us to move heavy machinery downtown or coordinate oversized heavy equipment transport from out-of-state, you can rely on us to provide a comprehensive heavy equipment transport in Colorado. We provide everything you need for Colorado oversize load shipping, including permits, escort vehicles, and load assistance when necessary.

The experienced transport agents at Heavy Equipment Transport are well-versed in Colorado's major highways and pre-plan the best route with the least amount of tolls to ship your heavy loads. For over a decade, Heavy Equipment Transport has built our reputation around the mission to provide better Colorado oversize load shipping services. Our clients know they can rely on our top quality transport solutions. To transport your heavy equipment to Colorado, call us for a shipping estimate now! (888) 730-2951

Common Equipment We Transport In Colorado

  • Excavator Shipping
  • Dozer Transport
  • Crane Shipping
  • Wheel Loader Transport

  • Backhoe Transportation
  • Boat Transport
  • RV / Motorhome Shipping
  • Semi Truck Transport
  • Heavy Duty Truck Shipping
  • Forklift Transport
  • Boom Lift Shipping
  • Dump Truck Transport
  • Motor Grader Transportation
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    All-Inclusive Colorado Semi Truck Transport Services

    Heavy Equipment Transport ships new and used semi trucks to Colorado with the best services available. Our semi truck transport solutions are all-inclusive and transparent, with every detail provided by your logistics agent. Whether you need to ship one semi truck, or transport semi trucks in bulk,, we’ll get the best driver and trailer to get your freight delivered to Colorado safely. Heavy Equipment Transport transports semi trucks to the biggest cities or most rural areas in Colorado and delivers on time. We have over a decade of experience hauling semi trucks to Colorado safely.

    Colorado has sprawling mountains and rugged terrain, so for semi truck transport, you need experienced professionals. That’s why Heavy Equipment Transport vets every driver we work with. The routes are pre-planned down to the smallest detail to ensure the safest Colorado semi truck transport. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can be confident in your Colorado semi truck shipment. Call Heavy Equipment Transport to get your Colorado semi truck transport rate today! (888) 730-2951

    Common Cities We Ship To

  • Lakewood, CO Equipment Shipping
  • Fort Collins, CO Equipment Shipping
  • Denver, CO Equipment Shipping
  • Colorado Springs, CO Equipment Shipping
  • Aurora, CO Equipment Shipping
  • Colorado Container Transport and Shipping

    Heavy Equipment Transport is the best shipping container moving services provider in Colorado. We transport all types of empty and full shipping containers in Colorado. Some of these include 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. Our Colorado container moving services are available in all the cities. You can trust us to transport your shipping container to or from any port terminal to a destination of your choice. We have trailers such as flatbeds to make our container moving services in Colorado efficient and fast. We’ve also invested in equipment such as cranes to load and unload shipping containers easily. We have a team of specialists who are ready to process every container transport request in Colorado. They also recommend the most suitable trailers for transport. (888) 730-2951.

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    Colorado Driveaway Services Available

    For the best Colorado driveaway services, call Heavy Haulers today. Our experienced professionals drive your trucks, equipment, and even RVs anywhere in Colorado. We provide driveaway services throughout Colorado, as well as nearby states. Our driveaway services include a licensed and insured driver, with expert experience in driving semi trucks and equipment. Call Heavy Equipment Transport and find out more about driveway services now! (888) 730-2951

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    Common Semi-Truck Transport Routes in Colorado

    Colorado has three main routes that Heavy Equipment Transport uses to transport semi trucks through the state:

  • I-25
  • I-70

  • The I-25 follows a north-south route through Denver and Colorado Springs. It enters from a northern location near Carr and exits further south near Starkville. On its path, the cities of Fort Collins, Pueblo, and Loveland are connected. It follows the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, turning from north to west-northwest as it passes Wootton. Once past Wootten, it again travels northward towards Trinidad. From here, it bypasses the Orlando Reservoir to reach Colorado City. Continuing north-northeasterly, it then enters Pueblo and continues to Fountain. After leaving El Paso County, the highway traverses rural, hilly locations, passing through Monument Hill, at an elevation of 7,352 feet, and continuing north to Denver.

    I-70is a transcontinental interstate that stretches between Cove Fort, UT, and Baltimore, MD. While in Colorado, the route follows an east-west path across the center of the state. In the west, it connects the metro areas of Denver and Colorado through a Rocky Mountain route. In the east, it crosses the Great Plains, connecting Denver with metro areas in Missouri and Kansas.


    Colorado, nicknamed the “Centennial State,” was signed as a U.S State in 1876 by the then president, Ulysses S. Grant. After years of development, Colorado is considered a wealthy state and has one of the nation’s highest standards of living index. Most of the state’s economy thrives in agriculture, government and defense, mining, and tourism. However, the state's most notable features are found in its nature. The mesas, canyons, rivers, plateau, high plains, mountains, desert land, and forests give it character. As a result, tourism in Colorado is affected by the state's climate.

    Colorado's various cities and towns have diverse outdoor activities and cultural attractions to sweep you off your feet. Visit the Rock Mountains, go skiing in the ski resorts at Colorado’s Western Slope for one of the world's best skiing experiences. Colorado’s seasons are unique in that some areas offer warm weather throughout the year while others depict all four seasons. Besides the state’s majestic beauty, its luxury cabins, first-class dining, and Napa Valley's beer make it a complete vacation package.

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    Trailer Type

    Heavy Equipment Transport uses all types of trailers. We provide the best trailer trucking solutions to fit your needs. Find out more below!

    RGN Trailer

    RGN trailers are removable gooseneck trailers. These are a type of flat deck trailer, where the gooseneck at the front can be removed, creating a ramp. Find out more about our RGN trailer trucking solutions now!

    STEP DECK Trailer

    Also known as drop decks or lowboys, step deck trailers have multiple levels. It steps down in spots, allowing freight to be lower to the ground. Find out more about our step deck trailer trucking solutions now!

    FLATBED Trailer

    Flatbed trailers are one of the most common types on the road. They work for a wide variety of heavy equipment transport. Find out how we can provide flatbed trailer trucking solutions to fit your needs!