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Professional Heavy Duty Truck Shipping Services

Heavy Equipment Transport ships heavy duty trucks all across the country. We also have a dedicated international team ready to transport your commercial truck overseas. When you call Heavy Equipment Transport you’ll receive top quality and professional heavy duty truck shipping services. Heavy duty trucks coming in many forms, but often, they are a work truck, which means it’s important to your business. That’s why we take every caution and care to ensure your heavy duty truck is shipped safely and delivered on time.

Whether you need to ship a single commercial truck, or transport heavy duty trucks in bulk, we have the best solutions for shipping. Heavy Equipment Transport has trucks ready to go in every state. Each driver is properly licensed, insured, and has the necessary experience to ship your heavy duty truck. Heavy Equipment Transport adheres to top safety standards in all our transports, so you can be confident when you ship a commercial truck with us. Call now and get your heavy duty truck shipping quote! (888) 730-2951

Commercial Truck Shipping With Top Quality Services

Heavy Equipment Transport is dedicated to providing the best heavy duty truck shipping services in the industry. Your dedicated transport agent will provide step-by-step instructions on what to expect when you ship a commercial truck. They will be available to answer any questions you may have about the load. Your transport agent will find the best driver with the most experience to transport your heavy duty trucks at the most affordable rates. Heavy Equipment Transport provides the best heavy duty shipping services in the industry.

Heavy duty trucks are those whose gross vehicle weight is 20,001lbs or more. In the commercial class designation, heavy-duty trucks are in class seven or eight, and can be tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, dump trucks or even garbage collection vehicles. Heavy Equipment Transport is licensed, bonded, and insured to ship heavy duty trucks. Call now and get your heavy duty truck shipping quote now! (888) 730-2951


FAQ - Frequently Asked Heavy Duty Truck Shipping Questions

How much does it cost to ship a heavy duty truck?

The cost to ship a heavy duty truck varies on things like miles to travel, weight, season, and more. Speaking with a Heavy Equipment Transport agent guarantees the best price to ship your heavy duty truck.

What is a heavy duty truck?

A heavy duty truck is any truck over 26,0001lbs. This could be a commercial work truck, such as a cement truck, crane truck, and more. There are multiple ways to ship heavy duty trucks, including hot shot trucking and semi truck shipping.

Can you ship a heavy duty truck overseas?

Yes! You can ship heavy duty trucks and commercial trucks internationally. Heavy Equipment Transport has a dedicated international transport team who will handle everything from permits to customs paperwork to provide the best port-to-port shipping options.

Our Recent Transports


This 2010 Freightliner bucket truck was successfully transported from Dixon, CA to Harts, WV by the help of Christopher Arce. The 55L x 8W x 12.1H and 60000lbs 2010 Freightliner bucket truck was loaded by the help of professionals and secured for transport. For safe transportation of heavy duty trucks, call us today!

Shipping a 2010 freightliner bucket truck.

2010 Freightliner Bucket Truck Haul

Origin: Dixon, CA

Destination: Harts, WV

Specialist: Christopher Arce

Contact Christopher: 954-302-9069


Nick Howell was in charge of transporting these CAT 330 excavator stick and bucket attachments from Buchanan, GA, to Eustis, FL. He identified a hotshot as the suitable trailer to safely transport the 8,000lbs 17 L 8 W and 5 H attachments. The attachments were loaded using a crane and well-secured with strong straps. To transport construction equipment, call us now!

Transporting a CAT 330 excavator stick and bucket.

Excavator Shipment Details

Origin: Buchanan, GA 30113

Destination: Eustis, FL 32736

Specialist: Nick Howells

Contact Nick: 561-229-0690


Jackson Weeks, one of our construction equipment specialists, helped a client successfully transport this 2014 John Deere 844K wheel loader from Hazlehurst, GA, to Cadillac, MI. The 2014 John Deere 844K wheel loader, is 32 L 11.5 W 12.4 H and weighs 75500lbs. Jackson chose an RGN to ship it for even weight distribution and efficiency. We offer reliable construction equipment shipping services to and from every state.

2014 John Deere 844K wheel loader haul.

Wheel Loader Transport Details

Origin: Hazlehurst, GA

Destination: Cadillac, MI

Specialist: Jackson Weeks

Contact Jackson: 954-300-3272

Common Types of Heavy Duty Trucks Shipped by Heavy Equipment Transport

  • Dump Trucks
  • Emergency Trucks
  • Bucket Boom Trucks
  • Vehicle Carrier Trucks
  • Beverage Trucks
  • Conventional Trucks
  • Hot Shot Trucks
  • Gas Delivery Trucks
  • Ambulances
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • excavator

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