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Quality Tow Truck Shipping Services

While tow trucks can tow many different vehicles, it requires an expert company with years of experience, like Heavy Equipment Transport, to haul it. Businesses in the towing sector need professional tow truck shipping services, and we have the best in the region.

We are well-equipped to provide shipping services to all states countrywide, including Mexico and Canada. Our experts take time for thorough route planning and provide top-trained and licensed drivers. We offer all-inclusive tow truck transport services, providing everything you need for your shipment, including:

  • Pilot cars
  • Permits
  • Modern shipping equipment services
  • Loading assistance
  • Dedicated shipping agents
  • Personalized customer service and more

  • We also understand the importance of time and safety, so we ensure fast but secure delivery to any destination. You can trust Heavy Equipment Transport to provide professional tow truck transport services in the region with hands-on experience.


    Tow Truck Transport Your Company Relies On

    Tow trucks are specialized vehicles that transport vehicles or equipment when broken down, abandoned, or illegally parked. When you acquire a new tow truck or want to ship one to a different region for business, you will require hauling services and equipment.

    As a leading tow truck transport company, we have drivers and other experts ready to haul your vehicle in every state and outside the country. We connect you to the best drivers, agents, and assistants and help you pick the best safe and timely delivery route.

    Our services include a modern fleet of trailers, specialized loading, off-loading equipment, and other safety gadgets. These services also include logistics agents who walk you through the tow truck shipping process while guiding you on our affordable rates. We are more than capable of handling your shipment.

    Cost of Tow Truck Shipping at Heavy Equipment Transport

    The average cost of tow truck transport will range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, determined by various factors. A distance of up to 300 miles may cost $500 to $600. Moving across the nation may cost an upward of $6,000.

    The cost fluctuates depending on personal preferences and factors such as,

  • Gas prices
  • Toll prices
  • Season
  • Pick-up and delivery location
  • Weight and size
  • Equipment required for the shipment and more.

  • Regardless of these factors, our tow truck shipping rates remain the best and the most affordable. Speaking with our qualified agents will guide you on the best course of action, and you can also get live shipping estimates.

    These highly experienced agents help you get excellent tow truck transport rates without compromising quality services. We know the importance of your cargo and are committed to providing top-safety shipment standards. Let's ship your tow truck today! (888) 730-2951


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