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Hassle-Free and Quality Food Truck Shipping Services

Food trucks are among the most popular mobile restaurant vendors in the United States. They are also an integral investment for many businesses in the food industry. In the U.S., these trucks are standard and require expert hauling services to ship them.

Regardless of your food truck type, Heavy Equipment Transport has the best and most qualified service providers with over ten years of experience in heavy-duty and commercial trucking expertise. Our professionals are all you need when moving or shipping a food truck.

These services are certified with knowledgeable operators to haul your shipment to any destination in the country, Canada, and Mexico. We understand the delicate and unique wraps of the truck, so our drivers move carefully for safe delivery.

Reasons to ship with Heavy Equipment Transport include:

  • Access to a modern fleet of trailers
  • Permits
  • Pilot cars
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Expert loading assistance and equipment
  • Dedicated agents
  • Professional drivers

  • Get remarkable food truck transport services from Heavy Equipment Transport. Call (888)730-2951


    Dedicated Food Truck Shipping You Can Rely On

    Food truck transport involves hauling your newly acquired or existing truck to a preferred destination. With the delicate dimensions of the heavy vehicle, tilting and shifting may cause damage, but we are a trusted expert who will safely and efficiently deliver your shipment.

    With our expertise, the shape, weight, size, dimensions, and distance do not matter. We are licensed, bonded, insured, accredited, and well-equipped to meet all your food truck transport needs. We strictly follow ethical, honest, and legal procedures to move any food truck and other heavy-duty cargo.

    This approach makes our services trustworthy and on-demand since we assure safety and timely cargo delivery. Our experienced transport agents also provide personalized customer service where they can assist with any uncertain circumstance during shipment for superior services and protection. Let's get started! Call (888)730-2951

    Food Truck Shipping Cost

    All food truck transport costs vary depending on several factors. These largely include type, distance, toll price, fuel cost, season, and dimensions. Our competitive rates allow us to ship different food trucks, such as:

  • Lunch Trucks
  • Sandwich Trucks
  • Hot Dog Trucks
  • Pizza Trucks
  • Ice Cream Trucks
  • Breakfast Trucks and others

  • At Heavy Equipment Transport, food truck shipping costs range from hundreds to thousands of dollars with an upward of $6,000. However, we remain the most affordable in the region, with shipping agents ready to guide you on the best rates. Call now and get your food truck transport quote! (888) 730-2951


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