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Superior Winch Truck Transport Solutions

If you've ever seen a semi-truck pulling a wheeled cargo or another smaller vehicle, then you have seen a winch truck. However, transporting a winch truck over a long distance to another location requires you to partner with a reputable winch truck shipping company. These trucks come in all sizes and length, and Heavy Equipment Transport relishes any hauling project, for we have the ‌resources and finances power to plan for the transportation of a winch truck.

Heavy Equipment Transport has qualified personnel such as dispatch directors, riggers, loaders, drivers, and ground technicians who pull together their efforts to ensure you get the best hauling solutions. We also keep an extensive inventory of cargo-handling equipment, from flatbed, step deck, lowboy, and RGN trailers to cranes and many cargo-lifting machinery. We pledge to arrive at the pickup site early, load the cargo securely, and transport it to the delivery destination within the set timeframe.Get your winch truck shipping rate now! (888) 730-2951

Offering Expert, Customer-Centric Winch Truck Shipping Services

At Heavy Equipment Transport, we know ‌every client has a different wish and wants from the other. Whether you hire us to haul a smaller truck or a larger one, we will take care of your individual needs. Are you in need of loading and offloading services? Would you like the cargo to have a police escort? We will arrange for that. Your only work is to let us know the origin and the destination of the shipment, and we will take over the rest, from transportation papers, transportation permits, and mapping out the transportation route.

A winch truck is a special semi-tractor that has a power spool with a strong cable wound on it. Using a hooking system, it pulls vehicles and multi-ton cargo from one place to the other. Heavy Equipment Transport provides equipment shipping services to clients not only in the US but also in Canada and Mexico. Call for a winch truck shipping quote today! (888) 730-2951


How to Ship a Winch Truck with Heavy Equipment Transport

Winch truck is a piece of heavy machinery that requires careful planning. If the route to be followed cuts through a city, Heavy Equipment Transport has experienced drivers who can safely maneuver the heavy traffic. Apart from ensuring all permits and legal requirements are put into consideration, our team will ensure that all required handling equipment is available and the pickup and delivery destinations.

To ship a winch truck with Heavy Equipment Transport, you'll follow one straightforward procedure. Phone our offices for free at (800) 908-6206 and let us know the details of your shipment: the specification of the load, its point of origin, and the delivery destination. Visit us online and fill the quote request form. Heavy Equipment Transport will plan the shipment to the very last detail. We will ensure the cargo is loaded securely and all safety lights and colors installed. We'll then transport it at a steady speed to make sure the load reaches you in the same state we picked it up.Get your winch truck shipping rate now! (888) 730-2951

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