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We are an all-inclusive shipping company specializing in heavy equipment transport and machinery shipping. With over a decade of experience, we stand out as the most preferred expert in fire truck transport. Heavy Equipment Transport is well-equipped to meet all shipping capabilities nationwide, including Canada and Mexico.

Hauling a fire truck differs from regular shipping, so we have a qualified, trained, and licensed team of experts to provide top-quality services. A fire truck is vital during emergencies, so our professionals pay attention to detail to ensure safe and timely delivery.

We use specially-rated equipment and trailers to match our top-quality services, which include,

  • Fast, reliable, and quality pick-up and delivery services
  • Live shipping estimates through dedicated customer service
  • Qualified logistics agents from dispatch to delivery
  • Permits
  • Well-trained and licensed drivers
  • Pilot car services
  • Professional and top-notch transport logistics, load tracking, and specialized equipment services, and more

  • For timely and secure fire truck shipping services, call us at (888)730-2951


    Top-Notch Fire Truck Shipping Solutions

    Fire truck shipping is hauling the specialized vehicle to a specified destination. The hauling services include qualified, bonded, and insured drivers capable of navigating heavy cargo through busy urban areas, long remote stretches, and terrain.

    Heavy Equipment Transport experts meet these qualifications with coordinated efforts to ensure the safe hauling of your fire truck. We understand the vehicle's unique features, like the water tank, ladder, hose bed, fire pump, and other multiple tools, so we are cautious and provide the best and safest shipping equipment.

    When hauling a fire truck, we specifically know what to do. We have suitable trailers, including RGN, Step Deck, Flatbed trailers, and more, to efficiently transport any fire truck design. Our quality shipping also includes personalized customer service that monitors and responds to any uncertainties during transit. Get your fire truck transport rate now! (888)730-2951

    What's the Cost of Fire Truck Shipping?

    With our years of experience in fire truck shipping, we have expanded our services to offer competitive rates. It also makes us experts in heavy-duty and oversized equipment and the nation's leading transporter.

    Our unique fire truck shipping services include aerial fire truck shipping, initial attack fire apparatus services, pumper fire truck transport, mobile water supply truck shipping, foam and water tenders, and more.

    These services have varying costs, determined by various factors such as,

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Destination
  • Fuel costs
  • Season
  • Toll price
  • Equipment used and others

  • While these services range from hundreds to thousands of dollars with an upward of $6,000, ensure you speak to our expert agents to guide you. Fire truck shipping requires expertise and experience for timely and safe delivery.

    To account for such costs, we provide live shipping estimates and quotes to help you plan effectively. Regardless of the varying factors, Heavy Equipment Transport services remain the best and most affordable in the region.


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