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Custom Stake Truck Shipping Services

Farmers and agriculturists rely highly on stake trucks to transport some of their farm supplies or domestic animals. They are essential pieces of equipment whose shipment requires hiring a top stake truck shipping service. Heavy Equipment Transport is well-suited and adequately prepared to ship your stake truck. For over a decade, we have handled consignments involving stake transport services, whether it is a cross-country freight or haulage between two destinations in your city.

Stake trucks come in a wide range of sizes, from eight feet to 26 feet. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we have suitable cargo-handling machinery and the experience to provide unmatched stake truck shipping solutions. Our logistics team collaborates with every client for the best shipment outcomes. Get your stake truck shipping quote today! (888) 730-2951

Stake Transport Services You Can Rely On

Heavy Equipment Transport is a trustworthy and reputable shipping company. Our success is based on our strife to spend superior stake truck shipping without financially pressuring you. We have competent and professional logistics personnel who know the highways and roads with the cheapest transportation fees. We provide safe stake transport and on time delivery.

A stake truck is an open truck trailer with a flatbed platform. It differs from the typical trailer because it features sockets on the edges where stakes can be fitted perpendicular to horizontal barriers to form a sort of fence around the load. They are ideal for transporting feed bags, farm animals, etc. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we have industry-seasoned truck drivers who have plied different routes. Combine that with our secondary contingency load insurance, ‌the load will reach its final destination safely. Get your stake truck shipping rate now! (888) 730-2951


How to Ship a Stake Truck with Heavy Equipment Transport

Shipping a stake truck with Heavy Equipment Transport is easy. We have a fleet of top quality trailers ready to transport your stake truck anywhere in the United States and overseas. A dedicated logistics agent will handle every aspect of stake truck shipping for you. Our services are transparent, so you know exactly what to expect during the transport process. When it comes to transporting a stake truck, we pay close attention to detail, ensuring a safe delivery. Find out how to transport your stake truck with Heavy Equipment Transport today! (888) 730-2951

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