Cutaway Van Shipping Services


Transporting Cutaway Vans at Affordable Rates

If you are seeking an outstanding shipping company to ship your cutaway van, call Heavy Equipment Transport. For more than a decade, transporting cutaway vans has been one of our areas of specialization, and we are now perfect at it. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to provide top quality cutaway van shipping at affordable rates.

We ship cutaway vans all across the country and overseas. Part of our services is pre-planning the route, ensuring the best transport available. We look out for low-clearance bridges, routes with excessive tolls, and more. Heavy Equipment Transport is determined to find the best route and rate for your cutaway van shipment. Get your cutaway van transport rate now! (888) 730-2951

Door-to-Door or Port-to-Port Cutaway Van Shipping

Heavy Equipment Transport is the best heavy duty truck transport company. We haul all trucks, including cutaway vans with top quality services. Whether you need a local transport or port-to-port cutaway van shipping services, we deliver with the best services. Our services are all-inclusive, which means we handle everything so you can focus on more important things. A dedicated logistics agent walks you through every step of the cutaway van shipping process. We believe in transparency for every client.

A cutaway van is an incomplete car used by different second stage manufacturers who add other necessary equipment, which is mostly the cargo box to make complete vehicles such as ambulances, minibuses, small trucks and school buses. Most of the back side components of the cutaway vans are exposed. With this fragile nature, a cutaway van requires extra caution and high competence during shipping. Only a reputable company can assure you of the secure transport of your cutaway van. Get your cutaway van transport rate now! (888) 730-2951


FAQ - Frequently Asked Cutaway Van Shipping Questions

How much does it cost to ship a cutaway van?

The cost to ship a cutaway van depends on several factors. This includes the size, weight, distance travelled, and what’s needed for transport. A Heavy Equipment Transport shiping agent will find the best rate to ship your cutaway van.

Is Heavy Equipment Transport licensed to ship cutaway vans?

A Heavy Equipment Transport is licensed, bonded, and insured to ship cutaway vans throughout all fifty states. We work with the most experienced drivers for cutaway van shipping.

How do I ship a cutaway van to another state?

To ship a cutaway van to another state, you want to use a company like Heavy Equipment Transport, who has the proper licensing to ship across state lines. We’re able to transport cutaway vans across the U.S. and overseas.

Common Types of Cutaway Vans Shipped By Heavy Equipment Transport

  • Ford Motor Company cutaway vans
  • General Motors cutaway vans
  • Chrysler Corporation cutaway vans
  • Navistar cutaway vans
  • CHEVROLET cutaway vans
  • FORD cutaway vans
  • GMC cutaway vans
  • excavator

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