Street Sweeper Shipping Services


Professional Street Cleaner Shipping with Heavy Equipment Transport

Sweeping the streets is an integral part of environmental sanitation. If you need to ship a street cleaner, it is crucial to let the professionals handle the project, so that the cleaning truck reaches its destination in a fully functional state. Take advantage of our trusted oversized-equipment shipping solution and experience professional, consumer-oriented transportation services. For more than a decade, Heavy Equipment Transport has successfully shipped all brands and models of street cleaners, whether it is long- or short-distance transportation.

Considering the value and importance of a street sweeper, we must handle the transportation process with special care. That's the reason every Heavy Equipment Transport logistics personnel, driver, and ground technicians undergo training. We also invest in project-specific equipment to make sure that all our staff operate under safe working conditions and that the load reaches its intended destination safely and on time. Call for a street sweeper transport rate now! (888) 730-2951

Transporting Street Cleaners Domestically and Internationally

Heavy Equipment Transport is the industry-leading street sweeper transport company. We will ship a street sweeper across several states to reach your operation site. We have established branches in over 50 states. Currently, we are proud to extend our unmatched street cleaner transportation solutions to customers in Canada, Mexico, and international destinations. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in hauling heavy equipment. We will cover any mishaps during transportation, whether it is cargo theft, damage, or loss.

A street sweeper machine is a kind of truck used for cleaning or sweeping streets. They use special sweepers and vacuuming equipment used to suction debris and dirt that build up on roads. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we ensure that each truck driver is experienced in transporting street sweepers. They will work together with our technicians to provide loading services when picking up the shipment. We can also provide unloading services, backed up with our secondary load insurance. Therefore, your freight is in good hands at Heavy Equipment Transport. Get your street sweeper shipping rate now! (888) 730-2951


How to Ship Street Sweepers with Heavy Equipment Transport

Would you like us to help you ship a street cleaner today? At Heavy Equipment Transport, you will enjoy professional cargo loading services, for we have logistics experts, ground technicians, and riggers who will carefully load the equipment and secure it on a trailer. We have flat- bed trailers that can effectively handle smaller street cleaners. The company also invests in drop decks and removable goosenecks (RGNs) that can haul the cargo with a safe, ground clearance. Get your street sweeper transport quote now! (888) 730-2951

Common Types of Street Sweepers Shipped by Heavy Equipment Transport

Street cleaner equipment is categorized depending on the sweeping technology they use. The most common cleaners include the following:

  • Mechanical/Conventional Brush Sweepers
  • Regenerative Street Sweepers
  • Pure Vacuum Street Sweepers
  • excavator

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