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Years of being in the shipping industry makes Heavy Equipment Transport the best company to hire when you need to ship your miscellaneous heavy equipment to another location in North America, Canada, or Mexico. We know how to safely handle and deliver all the heavy pieces of machinery, including engines, automobiles, excavators, tractors, silos, and solar panels.

Our experts are ever punctual because we avoid delays at all costs. Part of what makes it possible is the effective plan that our logistics team comes up with to deliver your heavy equipment. When creating the moving strategy, we put several factors into consideration. Examples include the safest routes in your state, the rules that apply to the roads, as well as all the situations we are likely to encounter, including harsh weather conditions. Call now!

Excellent Miscellaneous Heavy Equipment shipping and Delivery

Miscellaneous heavy equipment refers to different weighty pieces of machinery that are built for various purposes. The heavy pieces of machinery are used in a variety of industries, including construction and agriculture. Shipping each of them will require a lot of experience and expertise, and you can get all that at Heavy Equipment Transport.

Whether it is your tractor or grinder, Heavy Equipment Transport will ship it for you to any place in the nation. Our decade long experience in efficiently shipping such pieces of machinery makes us your best bet. All our highly trained and disciplined miscellaneous heavy equipment haulers are determined to offer nothing but excellent and reliable services. To do so, we also customize our charges to fit your individual needs. Either way, be prepared to get free and friendly shipping quote estimates from our transport professionals.

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How to Ship Miscellaneous Heavy Equipment with Heavy Equipment Transport

You should let Heavy Equipment Transport know when you need miscellaneous Heavy Equipment shipping services. The information that you should give us for us to create an efficient hauling plan will include the type and model of your heavy piece of machinery, the size, as well as the time frame for the shipping process.

The details will help Heavy Equipment Transport experts to plan the routes, get the necessary documentation, plus insurance, and dodge all possible inconveniences to arrive on time. While your heavy equipment is in transit, you can call us for accurate cargo tracking information. Let’s get started!

Our Recent Transports


Chad Cardoso helped our client transport this 14L x 5W x 7H 3000lbs horse treadmill from Merrimac, MA to Loxahatchee, FL on a short notice. He chose a hotshot trailer for transport because it would evenly the size and weight of the horse treadmill. He acquire the needed paperwork before dispatching the shipment. For safe and timely horse treadmill haul, call us now!

Shipping a horse tradmill.

Shipping a Horse Treadmill

Origin: Merrimac, MA

Destination: Loxahatchee, FL

Specialist: Chad Cardoso

Contact Chad: 954 526-9393


Jamie Horvath was in charge of shipping these 88 wood floor trusses from Jacksonville, TX to Saint Petersburg, FL safely. The 35L 8.5W 6H and 15000lbs were carefully loaded on a flatbed trailer and well secured for transport. Call us today to transport wood floor trusses at an affordable cost.

Shipping 88 wood floor trusses.

88 Wood Floor Trusses Haul

Origin: Jacksonville, TX

Destination: Saint Petersburg, FL

Specialist: Jamie Horvath

Contact Jamie: 954-210-7609


These 53L x 8.6W x 8.6H 45000lbs galvanized guard rails were safely shipped from Colorado Springs, CO, to Nemaha, IA, with the help of Stephen Ladd. He chose a flatbed trailer to accommodate evenly because it would accommodate the weight and size of the equipment evenly. We transport every road equipment and choose the right trailer for efficiency. Call us now!

Galvanized guard rail haul.

Shipping Galvanized Guard Rails

Origin: Colorado Springs, CO

Destination: Nemaha, IA

Specialist: Stephen Ladd

Contact Stephen: 754-242-9946

Common Types of Miscellaneous Heavy Equipment Heavy Equipment Transport Ships

  • Solar Panels
  • Different Types Of Engines
  • Salvage Equipment
  • Submersibles
  • Pumps
  • Pools
  • Pile Boring Machines
  • excavator

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