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UTV and ATV Shipping You Can Rely On

You need to consider several factors before looking for a UTV shipping company. Shorter distances will cost less than longer distances because less fuel is used. Logistic companies will charge less for smaller ATVs due to their lighter weight. Sometimes, hauling an ATV in winter may be more costly than in summer due to the bad weather.

It would help to choose how you want to haul your ATV. On an open trailer, your vehicle will be exposed to the weather and may suffer damage, although that is unlikely. This mode of transport is much cheaper, as ATV shipping companies will often carry multiple vehicles.

On the other hand, a closed trailer offers the best protection for new and used UTVs. Although this is more expensive, you know that your priced vehicle will be safe.

You must hire an ATV shipping company when transporting your off-road vehicle. Whether you are moving, buying, or selling a UTV, Heavy Equipment Transport can help you find the service you need.

Transporting New and Used ATVs and UTVs Nationwide

Once you've found a suitable UTV shipping company, you must prepare the vehicle. Clean your car before hauling, as dirt and debris can add weight to the ATV.

Next, inspect the vehicle and document everything. Ensure you jot down details like scratches, dents, mechanical issues, and leaks. Remove any personal items or accessories from the ATV, and take several pictures.

Remember to prepare all the necessary paperwork, especially if you are moving or selling the vehicle. On arrival, you should check the UTV and compare it with the pictures you took before. You should immediately inform the ATV shipping company if there are any issues.


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The Difference Between a UTV and an ATV

Although a UTV and ATV share many similarities, several key differences exist. Knowing these can help you choose the best transport method for your off-road vehicle.

UTV stands for utility task vehicle. It has a regular steering wheel and can seat two or more people. A UTV is also known as a side-by-side and has a roll cage and sometimes a roof. The vehicle is often used to move equipment and people because of its larger size.

Different types of ATVs include:

  • Recreational ATV
  • Sport ATV
  • Racing quad
  • Youth ATV

    Chad Cardoso coordinated the transportation of this 2021 Kuhne Krause 1205-1230 fertilizer spreader from Aledo, IL to Davenport, IA where it was delivered safely. He decided an RGN trailer was the most ideal for safe delivery of the farm equipment. To transport a 2021 Kuhne Krause 1205-1230 fertiilizer spreader call us now!

    Our Recent Transports

    2021 Kuhne Krause 1205-1230 fertilizer spreader transport.

    Shipping a 2021 Kuhne Krause 1205-1230 Fertilizer Spreader

    Origin: Aledo, IL

    Destination: Davenport, IA

    Specialist: Chad Cardoso

    Contact Chad: 954 526-9393

    Expert ATV and UTV Hauling Services

    Heavy Equipment Transport is your trusted UTV shipping company. We transport new and used ATVs at affordable costs. Our experienced logistics team handles all types of machinery and will ensure safe and timely delivery. Contact us today to learn more.


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