Backhoe Shipping Services


Professional Backhoe Shipping Services

If you need a backhoe shipping service, Heavy Equipment Transport is one of America's largest backhoe hauling companies serving all fifty U.S. states, as well as Canada, Mexico, and overseas. We have cultivated an excellent reputation throughout our decade of shipping equipment, hiring only professional, experienced haulers for backhoe towing. You can trust our haulers to safely ship a backhoe anywhere in the U.S., whether it's a remote construction site, storage yard, or inner-city development site.

Shipping a backhoe requires quality and precision to ensure safe delivery. We understand the importance of deadlines in construction, so we make sure to deliver your backhoe on time. We plan each backhoe shipment with quality and care to ensure everything runs smoothly. Not only will you get a great service from our haulers, our office staff are on hand to answer any queries, and effectively coordinate the scheduling, route planning, and paperwork for your backhoe transport. Get your backhoe shipping quote now! (888) 730-2951

Nationwide Backhoe Shipping Services

Heavy Equipment Transport provides a variety of heavy equipment shipping services, including backhoe transport at short notice. We have transported backhoe loaders from many major manufacturers, including Caterpillar, JCB, John Deere, and Ford. Our goal is to provide fully customizable, efficient backhoe delivery services throughout the U.S.

Backhoes are industrial machines used for excavating a variety of terrain, creating trenches for pipe laying, and drainage. Backhoe loaders combine the capabilities of front-end loaders with rear backhoes, with a front-end bucket used to scoop or transport earth. Typically diesel-powered machines that travel on rubber tires, backhoe loaders can use hydraulics to control the backhoe's bucket movements. Heavy Equipment Transport ships your backhoes safely and delivers on time. (888) 730-2951


How to Ship a Backhoe with Heavy Equipment Transport

Contact us for a quote, and we can arrange backhoe shipping services for you even at short notice. We offer towing services on a variety of trailers, and will provide the flatbed, RGN, step deck, or customized trailer solution suitable for your backhoe transport. Our professional transport agents will arrive on site with everything that's required to safely ship a backhoe from its shipping origin to destination. You can use our HEavy Equipment Transport service to ship a backhoe door-to-door, eliminating the need for central pick-up or drop-off. Contact us for a backhoe shipping estimate now! (888) 730-2951

Common Types of Backhoe Shipped by Heavy Equipment Transport

  • Bucket excavator
  • Vertical backhoes
  • Hydraulic backhoes
  • Pushing shovel
  • Backhoe loader
  • Caterpillar 434E
  • Caterpillar 446 Series
  • Ford 655D
  • JCB 1CXT
  • JCB 3CX
  • John Deere 310SL Loader
  • New Holland LB90B
  • excavator

    Recent Shipping Services by Heavy Equipment Transport

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    Trailer Type

    Heavy Equipment Transport uses all types of trailers. We provide the best trailer shipping solutions to fit your needs. Find out more below!

    RGN Trailer

    RGN trailers are removable gooseneck trailers. These are a type of flat deck trailer, where the gooseneck at the front can be removed, creating a ramp. Find out more about our RGN trailer transport solutions now!

    STEP DECK Trailer

    Also known as drop decks or lowboys, step deck trailers have multiple levels. It steps down in spots, allowing freight to be lower to the ground. Find out more about our step deck trailer transport solutions now!

    FLATBED Trailer

    Flatbed trailers are one of the most common types on the road. They work for a wide variety of heavy equipment transport. Find out how we can provide flatbed trailer transport solutions to fit your needs!

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