Crusher Transport Services


Shipping Crushers Safely through the U.S. and Beyond

Whether you need us to handle crusher shipping services across town or ship it to a new site upstate, Heavy Equipment Transport is the best company to ship it. We provide all-inclusive transport services for crushers anywhere in the United States. We safely ship crushers from‌ one job site to the next is crucial to planning your upcoming projects effectively. That's why we love to help to coordinate crusher shipping services, handling the intricacies of border crossings, permits, escorts, and more.

We provide everything in one easy-to-manage crusher shipping service package, and every hauler we assign to your crusher shipping project has experience not just in heavy equipment haulage but handling crusher equipment. Crusher transport services offered by Heavy Equipment Transport provide insured, licensed, and bonded crusher transport experts capable of crusher machinery shipping in North America, Mexico, and Canada. Get your crusher shipping rate today! (888) 730-2951

Comprehensive Crusher Transport Service

Crushers are heavy equipment and bulky to transport, so it's crucial to choose a crusher haul company that has the right equipment to get your crusher on the road quickly and safely. We ship crushers all across the country and overseas.

Commonly used roll crushers ‌ handle all stages of crushing materials, such as coal, salt, limestone, and other materials used in mining and power generation. In contrast, hydraulic breakers are often used in construction to aid the disassembly of buildings or rock breaking in quarries. When looking to get crusher transportation services, it is essential to consider a company like Heavy Equipment Transport that has extensive experience handling crusher shipping for a variety of industries. Get your crusher transport quote now! (888) 730-2951


How to Ship a Crusher with Heavy Equipment Transport

Trained drivers are required to handle crusher shipping services, and shipping a crusher through busy city streets or to remote locations requires a crusher shipping company that you can trust to navigate your expensive equipment safely. Multi-axle trailers are used to transport crushers nationwide, especially when oversized crusher transport is required. Our crusher transport services consider size and weight, supplying the ‌anchors and cabling to secure crushers for transportation. The Heavy Equipment Transport company can coordinate crusher shipping in every U.S. state. Call today and get your shipping rate! (888) 730-2951

Common Types of Crusher:

  • Compound Crusher
  • Roller Crusher
  • Single Roll Crusher
  • Double Roll Crusher
  • Spiked Roller Crusher
  • Crusher Bucket
  • Hammer Crusher
  • Impact Crusher
  • Cone Crusher
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Mobile Scalper
  • Shaft Impactor
  • Rock Crusher
  • excavator

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