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Full Service Semi Truck Transport in North Dakota

Semi-truck shipping and trucking laws in North Dakota vary from the other states, and that's why you must find a professional shipping company that can guarantee safe, efficient, and legal heavy-equipment transport. Heavy Equipment Transport is your trusted and experienced tractor trailer shipping company, whether you want to ship a single semi-truck to a high-traffic urban center like Bismarck and Fargo, or multiple trucks to South Dakota.

Take advantage of our comprehensive semi truck transport solutions and get affordable shipping costs. We calculate the transportation quote with high-level integrity, honesty, and transparency. Our professional will consider your budget proposal and find the best way to achieve an estimate that works for you. Let's ship your tractor trailer today! Call now! (888) 730-2951


A Top Quality North Dakota Semi Truck Shipping Company

At HET North Dakota, we have the capability of efficiently shipping your semi-truck. Over the decade we've been in the heavy hauling sector, we've invested in state-of-the-art equipment and rigs to enable us to provide dependable tractor trailer shipping services. We have a large fleet of power cabs and trailers that can capably handle your semi truck's weight. We can successfully ship any tractor trailer model, from garbage trucks, food trucks, cement mixers, and tow trucks. Our professionals ensure that our rigs and equipment are constantly updated according to the state DOT trucking laws.

Safety is paramount when hauling semi-trucks, especially on busy highways. Our shipping services cover all safety protocols to safely move the cargo and protect the transportation crew. That's why we will deploy pilot vehicle services and police escort (if need be) for your tractor trailer transport. We also have efficient two-way communication systems that allow our logistics professionals to coordinate with the trucking driver to monitor the location and any risks that might compromise the shipment's smooth travel.

Major Semi-Truck Shipping Routes in North Dakota

Although not served by many shipping routes as the northeastern states, North Dakota boasts a decent network of trucking routes, including the following:

  • I-29
  • I-31
  • I-94
  • US Route 85

  • Starting from North Dakota's southern border, I-29 spans 217 miles across the state to Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) at the US-Canada border. It has a maximum speed limit 0f 75 mph, and with no barrier separating the lanes, trucking drivers must exercise utmost caution and safety when plying the route. I-31 is a continuation of the SD-65 and starts at the South Dakota border, connecting the cities like Flasher and the greater Bismarck region.

    I-94 spans from the eastern to western border, a distance of about 350 miles. It starts from Fargo, through major towns, such as Tower City, Jamestown, Bismarck, New Salem, Dickinson, before reaching the Montana state border in the west. Lastly, the US Route 85 stretches about 255 miles along the western state border. It's one of the busiest shipping routes in North Dakota, with countless commercial oil and heavy-hauling trucks moving loads on the road daily.


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