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Heavy Equipment Transport is one of the best container movers in Texas. This is from our experience and availability of all the required resources to ensure each shipping container is delivered on time and safely. We’ve been offering shipping container moving services in Texas for more than a decade now. We’ve learnt from our past mistakes and managed to improve our Texas shipping container moving services. Our agents are professionals and available at any time of the day to process your shipping container transport request. We have resources such as flatbed trailers among others to help us transport shipping containers efficiently. We transport empty and full shipping containers in Texas. We assign specific specialists to each shipment to make the communication process easy.

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Safe Container Transport and On Time Delivery in Texas

When transporting shipping containers in Texas, we use professional drivers with years of experience. Having transported shipping containers within the state for years, they know the most suitable routes to follow in order to get to the drop off location on time. Before any shipping container is dispatched, we ensure it’s fully insured. We also make the client a holder of the insurance cover. In case anything happens along the way, they can claim full compensation from the insurance company. We handle shipping containers with care during the loading and unloading process. You can trust us with your full or empty shipping container and we will deliver it in the very condition we picked it in.


HET Ships Containers in all 50 States
Container Shipping Services

HET ships containers of all sizes to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska,. For this container, Janelle was contacted by a client in need of moving a container from Pinon Hills, CA to Keaau, HI. Janelle scheduled a hotshot trailer to take the 40 ft container from zip code 92372 to the port of Los Angeles. From there, the container was shipped on a vessel taking 14 days to arrive in Keaau.


Containers can be transported on step decks, flatbed, container trailers, and even hotshot trailers
container transport
40ft Container Transport Shipment Performed by Janelle Foltz

Origin: Pinon Hills, CA 92372

Destination: Keaau, HI 96749

Shipping Container Transport Dimensions and Specifications

Container Size/Type Dimensions Internally
(L x W x H)
Door Opening
(W x H)
Cubic-Capacity Weight Capacity
20FT 19.32 x 7.70 x 7.74ft 7.64 x 7.51ft 104.98ft³ 47840.31lb
40FT 39.53 x 7.70 x 7.74ft 7.64 x 7.51ft 216.53ft³ 58422.49lb
20FT Flat Rack
with sides
19.32 x 7.70 x 7.31ft Side Opening
W - 8.49ft
98.42ft³ 58422.49lb
40FT Flat Rack
with Sides
39.53 x 7.70 x 7.31ft Side Opening
W - 8.49ft
206.69ft³ 7936.64lb
40FT Flat Rack
without sides
40.02 x 7.70 x 2.13ft Side Opening
W - 38.25ft 
Max Height 25.39ft

Container Transporters Who Know All About Texas

Texas, nicknamed the “Lone Star State,” was among the American states that were formerly independent nations. It only came to join the Union in 1845 as the 28th state. It’s the second-largest state by area, making its geography very diverse. Unlike the common belief, most of the land in Texas isn’t made up of deserts. The state's culture, history, and character attract millions of tourists yearly. The enormous barbeque platters and the classic Mexican food alongside Texas favorites are irresistible Tex-Mex food. The state's rich history is stored in the Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, the Sixth Floor Museum, the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site, and The Alamo. In addition, tourists also enjoy live music at bars, restaurants, and outdoor venues.

Austin is known as the world's live music capital. The SXSW festival and the Dallas Museum of Art have you covered for those whose festivals and art are more to their speed. For the authentic Texan culture, visit the countryside ranches, and while at it, explore the rodeo or the Fort Worth Stockyards. Cities don’t often attract, but Texan cities offer diversity and different experiences worth touring. Contrary to the urban experience, Texas Hill Country will be your favorite vacation camp for its blended culture and German cuisines.

Shipping Container Transport Services
in Texas

Heavy Equipment Transport offers container shipping services to and from the ports of Texas as well as the rest of the state. Below are the ports we serve together with their terminals.

  • Port of Wilmington
  • Port of Wilmington is used for handling containers, bulk, break bulk, RO/RO, cold storage, and more. Below are the terminals and their addresses.
    North Gate (General Cargo Terminal) 1870 Burnett Boulevard Wilmington, NC 28401 United States

    South Gate (Container Terminal) 1 Shipyard Boulevard Wilmington, NC 28401 United States
  • Port of Houston
  • This is one of the largest ports in the world located in Houston, Texas. It’s termed as the 16th busiest port in the world and second busiest in the country in terms of tonnage. Below are the terminals of Port of Houston in addition to their addresses and contacts.

  • Barbours Cut Container Terminal
  • Completed in 1977, the Barbours Cut Container Terminal is located between La Porte and Morgan’s Point, Texas. The terminal has 6 berths used in handling cargo containers. Below is the terminal’s address and contact.
    1515 E. Barbours Cut Boulevard La Porte, Texas 77571 Customer Service: 713-670-1100Operations: 281-470-5270

  • Bayport Container Terminal
  • Located in Pasadena, Texas, the Bayport Container terminal was opened for business in November 2016. Originally, it was used for cruise operations but was later changed to accommodate RoRo (Roll-On / Roll-Off) operations for new vehicles for auto distribution. Below is the Bayport Container Terminal address and contact.
    12621 Port Road Pasadena, Texas, 77586 Customer Services: 713-670-1100 Operations: 281-291-6160

  • Port of Galveston
  • This port is located in Galveston, Texas. It handles all types of cargo including containers, liquid bulk, break bulk, project cargoes, RO/RO, and refrigerated. Below is the Port of Galveston terminal we offer shipping container moving services to and from.

  • Galveston Railroad Terminal
  • Located in Galveston, Texas, this class III terminal facilitates the transportation of cargo to and from the Port of Galveston. Below is its address and contact.
    Galveston, TX 77550, US (800) 757-7387

  • Port of Texas City
  • It’s located at Galveston Bay in Texas City, Texas. In 2008, it was ranked as the 14th leading port in the US by total tons of trade. Below is the address and contact of the terminal.
    Texas City Terminal Railway 2425 TX-146 Texas City, TX 77590 +1 409-945-5011

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    Our shipping container transport costs in Texas are determined by factors such as loading and unloading assistance, route, ground distance, size, and dimensions of the shipping container, among others. Heavy Equipment Transport offers free and accurate shipping container moving costs in Texas. Our container transport rates are affordable and all-inclusive. For clients without equipment to load and unload their shipping container or a rigging crew when needed, we offer them at a fee. With Heavy Equipment Transport, your shipping container is in safe hands. To transport a shipping container in Texas fast, efficiently and at affordable rates, contact us today via our toll-free number (888) 730-2951.

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