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Heavy Equipment Transport is the best container transport company in Pennsylvania. We’ve been shipping containers in Pennsylvania for more than a decade now. That has given us the experience to handle shipping containers of all sizes and weights. When you book our shipping container transport services, we assign your shipment to a specialist who will identify the most suitable trailer for transport based on weight and size. We offer single and multiple container transport services in Pennsylvania. In addition, we’ve invested in modern trailers to accommodate all sizes and weights of shipping containers. Finally, we offer door-to-door and terminal to terminal shipping container moving services in Pennsylvania.

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Fully Insured Container Transport Services in Pennsylvania

Heavy Equipment Transport is a reliable container transport company. We fully insure every shipping container we transport and make our clients holders of the insurance cover. That’s important because our clients can claim total compensation if their shipping containers aren’t delivered safely. When our professional drivers get to the pick-up location, they inspect the container and fill a BOL form. That’s to ensure there’s a point of reference to confirm if the shipping container is safely delivered. Then, we carefully load the shipping containers using our cranes. Finally, we send a team of professionals to help with the unloading at the drop-off location. Loading and unloading of containers can be hectic. Therefore, we send a team of rigger men to guide the drivers.


This 6500lbs and 20L 8W 8.6H container was loaded on a trailer using a crane before it was shipped from Pittsburgh, PA, to Medford, OR. Janelle Foltz, one of our container shipping specialists, ensured this loaded 20ft container was handled with care and delivered on time. Call us to transport containers to and from Pennsylvania at an affordable cost.


20ft container haul.

Origin: Pittsburgh, PA

Destination: Medford, OR

Specialist: Janelle Foltz

Contact Janelle: 859-306-0619

Shipping Container Transport Dimensions and Specifications

Container Size/Type Dimensions Internally
(L x W x H)
Door Opening
(W x H)
Cubic-Capacity Weight Capacity
20FT 19.32 x 7.70 x 7.74ft 7.64 x 7.51ft 104.98ft³ 47840.31lb
40FT 39.53 x 7.70 x 7.74ft 7.64 x 7.51ft 216.53ft³ 58422.49lb
20FT Flat Rack
with sides
19.32 x 7.70 x 7.31ft Side Opening
W - 8.49ft
98.42ft³ 58422.49lb
40FT Flat Rack
with Sides
39.53 x 7.70 x 7.31ft Side Opening
W - 8.49ft
206.69ft³ 7936.64lb
40FT Flat Rack
without sides
40.02 x 7.70 x 2.13ft Side Opening
W - 38.25ft 
Max Height 25.39ft

Choose Your Region in Pennsylvania and Get a Container Shipping Quote!

Northwest Pennsylvania

  • Meadville
  • Altoona
  • Johnstown
  • Bradford
  • Oil City
  • New Castle
  • Pottsville
  • Transport Containers Anywhere In Northwest Pennsylvania!

Northeast Pennsylvania

  • Scranton
  • Philadelphia
  • Jim Thorpe
  • North East Township
  • Erie
  • Kingston
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Hazleton
  • Transport Containers Anywhere In Northeast Pennsylvania!

Southwest Pennsylvania

  • Latrobe
  • Pittsburgh
  • New Stanton
  • Oakdale
  • Transport Containers Anywhere In Southwest Pennsylvania!

Central Pennsylvania

  • Harrisburg
  • Chambersburg
  • Lancaster
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Reading
  • Gettysburg
  • Easton
  • Williamsport
  • Transport Containers Anywhere In Central Pennsylvania!

Southeast Pennsylvania

  • Blue Bell
  • Bethlehem
  • Easton
  • Transport Containers Anywhere In Southeast Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania Ports for Shipping Container Transport

Heavy Equipment Transport serves all the ports in Pennsylvania. Below are some of the ports we ship containers to and from, together with their terminals and addresses.

  • Port of Philadelphia
  • Located on Atlantic Ocean port in Delaware River, its terminals are managed by Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, PhilaPort. Below are the terminals.

    Packer Avenue Marine Terminal - This facility handles containers, heavy lift cargo, project cargo, among other products.

    Tioga Marine Terminal - Handles containers, forest products, break bulk cargo, over-dimensional cargo, palletised cargo and more.

    Pier 82 - This facility handles break bulk cargo, project cargo, vegetables, fruits and more.

    Philadelphia Automobile Processing Facility - This facility handles automobiles, heavy equipment, trucks, and project cargo.
  • Port of Pittsburgh
  • Located on Ohio River, this is the second largest inland port in the United States. Below is the address and contact.
    425 Sixth Avenue
    Suite 2990
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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    Heavy Equipment Transport offers affordable container transport services in Pennsylvania. In addition, we offer our clients free and accurate shipping quotes. For clients who want to transport shipping containers urgently, we offer expedited transport at an added fee. We guarantee safe and timely delivery of shipping containers in Pennsylvania. Contact one of our agents today through our toll-free number if you need to transport a shipping container to or from Pennsylvania (888) 730-2951.

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