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Heavy Equipment Transport is the best shipping container moving services provider in Colorado. We transport all types of empty and full shipping containers in Colorado. Some of these include 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. Our Colorado container moving services are available in all the cities. You can trust us to transport your shipping container to or from any port terminal to a destination of your choice. We have trailers such as flatbeds to make our container moving services in Colorado efficient and fast. We’ve also invested in equipment such as cranes to load and unload shipping containers easily. We have a team of specialists who are ready to process every container transport request in Colorado. They also recommend the most suitable trailers for transport.

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All-Inclusive Colorado Container Transport Services

We fully insure every shipping container we transport in Colorado to ensure in case of any hiccups, the client is fully compensated. Our resources are distributed across all the cities in Colorado to help us serve our clients fast and efficiently. Our drivers are professionals with knowledge of all the routes across Colorado. They will pick up your shipping container from any location and deliver it to the specified location safely and on time. With Heavy Equipment Transport, your shipping container is safe. We will deliver it where you need it and in the condition, we picked it in. We offer shipping container moving services to and from all the cities in Colorado. With Heavy Equipment Transport, your shipping container will get to any city across Colorado on time and safely.


HET Ships Containers in all 50 States
Container Shipping Services

HET ships containers of all sizes to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska,. For this container, Janelle was contacted by a client in need of moving a container from Pinon Hills, CA to Keaau, HI. Janelle scheduled a hotshot trailer to take the 40 ft container from zip code 92372 to the port of Los Angeles. From there, the container was shipped on a vessel taking 14 days to arrive in Keaau.


Containers can be transported on step decks, flatbed, container trailers, and even hotshot trailers
container transport
40ft Container Transport Shipment Performed by Janelle Foltz

Origin: Pinon Hills, CA 92372

Destination: Keaau, HI 96749

Shipping Container Transport Dimensions and Specifications

Container Size/Type Dimensions Internally
(L x W x H)
Door Opening
(W x H)
Cubic-Capacity Weight Capacity
20FT 19.32 x 7.70 x 7.74ft 7.64 x 7.51ft 104.98ft³ 47840.31lb
40FT 39.53 x 7.70 x 7.74ft 7.64 x 7.51ft 216.53ft³ 58422.49lb
20FT Flat Rack
with sides
19.32 x 7.70 x 7.31ft Side Opening
W - 8.49ft
98.42ft³ 58422.49lb
40FT Flat Rack
with Sides
39.53 x 7.70 x 7.31ft Side Opening
W - 8.49ft
206.69ft³ 7936.64lb
40FT Flat Rack
without sides
40.02 x 7.70 x 2.13ft Side Opening
W - 38.25ft 
Max Height 25.39ft

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container load
Loaded Container

We can trnasport any size container, 20 through 40 foot, high cube, refrigerated, and more type of containers.


Container Transport Anywhere in Colorado

Colorado, nicknamed the “Centennial State,” was signed as a U.S State in 1876 by the then president, Ulysses S. Grant. After years of development, Colorado is considered a wealthy state and has one of the nation’s highest standards of living index. Most of the state’s economy thrives in agriculture, government and defense, mining, and tourism. However, the state's most notable features are found in its nature. The mesas, canyons, rivers, plateau, high plains, mountains, desert land, and forests give it character. As a result, tourism in Colorado is ‌affected by the state's climate.

Colorado's various cities and towns have diverse outdoor activities and cultural attractions to sweep you off your feet. Visit the Rock Mountains, go skiing in the ski resorts at Colorado’s Western Slope for one of the world's best skiing experiences. Colorado’s seasons are unique in that some areas offer warm weather throughout the year while others depict all four seasons. Besides the state’s majestic beauty, its luxury cabins, first-class dining, and Napa Valley's beer make it a complete vacation package.

Shipping Container Transport Services
in Colorado

We offer shipping container moving services to and from all the cities and port terminals in Colorado. Below are some of the port terminals we serve in Colorado.

  • Centennial Airport, Colorado - 3384
  • 7601 S. Peoria St., D-16 Englewood, CO 80012 United States
    (303) 768-0309

  • Denver, Colorado - 3307
  • 18300 E. 71st Ave. Suite 200 Denver, CO 80249 United States
    (303) 375-4500

  • Eagle County Regional Airport, Colorado - 3385
  • 0871 Cooley Mesa Road Gypsum, CO 81637 United States
    (970) 524-0490

  • Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Colorado - 3383
  • 11755 Airport Way Terminal Building B-7 Broomfield, CO 80021 United States
    (303) 271-4884

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    Our container moving services in Colorado aren’t limited to any routes or locations. We serve each and every city. Heavy Equipment Transport guarantees safe and timely delivery of shipping containers in Colorado. We only use experienced professionals. We offer all-inclusive and affordable container transport services in Colorado. The cost of moving a shipping container in Colorado is influenced by factors such as loading and unloading assistance, route, weight, and dimensions among other factors. Our container transport quotes in Colorado are free and accurate. To transport any shipping container in Colorado, contact us today via our toll-free number (888) 730-2951.

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