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Team Driver Trucking Definition

Team driving involves two drivers operating the same truck and taking shifts in operating the vehicle. According to FMCSA, truck drivers can operate their trucks for 11 hours after spending 10 hours off duty. This way, drivers can take time to rest at the sleeping berth located at the back of the truck or passenger seat. This is to ensure the shipping process continues and that the truck keeps moving mostly without compromising on safety regulations. Besides, drivers do not have to spend long, lonely hours, especially during long-distance transits.

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Some companies might allow the drivers to choose their partners depending on their preferences, making it easier to work in harmony. Drivers can also negotiate and make their schedules, including when to take long or short naps to get various amounts of rest. Other companies hire family members or couples (wives and husbands) for team driving. This has been found to work quite well, as couples enjoy spending time together, working as a team, and building a stronger connection.

They can also choose to pair strangers with no personal relationship to work as co-drivers. Finally, other companies prefer team matching, which involves pairing drivers based on their personalities, locations, goals, and pay rates.

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