Blanket Wrapped Freight


Blanket Wrapped Freight Definition

In transporting delicate freight or in cases when you need extra protection for your cargo, blanket wrapped shipment is the way to go. Blanket wrapped freight refers to the process of wrapping blankets around commodities to cushion and cover them during transportation.

Blanket Wrapped Freight Offers Extra Protection

Blanket wrapped freight is commonly shipped on air ride suspension trailers, delivering an extra shock-absorbing buffer and an additional degree of care for sensitive or fragile goods. Blanket wrapped freight service helps protect your cargo from the typical impacts that can occur during loading, transit, and unloading.

Specialized transit services such as blanket wrap deliver an additional layer of protection to ensure that your delicate cargo reaches its destination in one piece. Commodities best suited for blanket wrap shipping include:

  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Fragile Goods-this include mirrors, pottery, hotel furniture, exercise equipment, casino gaming equipment, retail store fixtures, and Grandma's precious antique chandelier.
  • Trade Show Exhibits-blanket wrap is the way to go if you want to ensure that your trade show exhibits get there looking good.
  • Commercial Refrigeration and Restaurant Equipment- large and bulky items that require extra protection and padding from dents and damage
  • Industrial Equipment and Fragile Robotics- sophisticated machinery with moving parts that necessitate additional protection from pinging and jostling.
  • Sensitive Electronics and Devices-think medical instruments and devices as well as office equipment-any of which may be sensitive to knocks, jolts, or bumps.
  • truck

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    What are the Benefits of Blanket Wrapped Freight?

    On top of their soft and cushioning traits that assist in protecting your cargo, pads and blankets deliver several benefits to carriers, as well. Some of these benefit include:

  • Occupy little space
  • In contrast to custom and crafting packaging blanket wraps are more affordable
  • They can be reused with no concern for needless waste
  • Can be used in several layers to guarantee maximum freight protection
  • Blanket wraps are easily stackable during shipment.

  • Blanket wrap freight services deliver the extra level of care required to ensure that your cargo is shipped safely and that it arrives at its intended destination in perfect shape. Blanket wrapping is simply the safest method to guarantee ultimate protection of your shipment. Do not risk suffering damage to your property because of improper handling. Capitalize on blanket wrapped freight services to transport your cargo safely.


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