Density Calculator


What is the Density Calculator?

The USA domestic shipping industry calculates freight density by dividing weight (in pounds) by the total cubic feet.

It is calculated once your freight is ready for pick up as your product's density before is not equal to the density after packaging.

Determining Freight Density

The flight density is overly crucial when it comes to freight classifications and determining shipping costs. Essentially, loads with higher densities belong to the lower class (50-85), while less dense freight has a higher classification (typically 125-500).

Cargo with higher density occupies less space which translates to lower classification and, ultimately, reduced shipping cost. Items stowability also affect your freight classification as heavy, hazardous and generally difficult to store cargo are given a higher freight class. This also includes fragile and perishable freight that requires special handling.


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Freight Density and Shipping Costs

Besides lower shipping costs, packages with higher densities are more compact, which reduces their risk of damage. You would therefore want to make the load as small as possible, which makes the dimensional weight way less compared to the actual age.

As aforementioned, the overall transportation cost depends on your load density and classification. As such, accurate freight density calculations can save you both time and money. All the same, it is crucial that you only use reliable measurements and approved scale guarantee precision, hence avoiding penalties that come with freight density inaccuracies.

Save on Freight Costs

Please note that some cargos automatically fit into specific classes while others depend on the current density- based freight pricing system.

At Heavy Equipment Transport, we are committed to making your hauling process smooth and hassle-free. Trust us to help you calculate your freight density accurately at the most convenient rates in the industry. We will also guide you on how to package your products and other hacks to evade the extra LTL freight costs. Call now! (888) 730-2951


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