Crating Services


Crating Services Defined

Crating and freighting are essential services that are needed to make the supply chain effective. Crating is any activity done on a good or packages to be shipped so that it remains secure. Several aspects may be involved in crating, like blocking, securing, and even protecting the goods from moisture. Crating protects the shipped goods from any damage during shipping so that the goods are safe at the destination.

A typical crating service company will offer a wide variety of crates to fit with the needs. For instance, containers meant for international shipping are stronger than other domestic crates because they may be susceptible to more shock and a long journey before they reach their destination.

Custom Crates

There is a need to build custom crates because the customer often has a wide range of goods, each with its requirements. For instance, the same crating technique cannot be used for shipping a car and shipping a set of flat-screen TVs.

Custom crates ensure that the crate itself fits the specific needs of whatever is being shipped. This means that if the package is sensitive to moisture, then a moisture prevention technique is used while building the crate.


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On-site Packaging

On-site packaging is also becoming a popular service. In this service, the packaging and crating company goes to the package and crates it on site. Once it is packaged, the freight will be shipped immediately. This is especially used for fragile items that cannot be moved to the crafting service's factory. In other cases, the package may be too big or cannot move without using stabilizers and cushioning.

Ultimately, the crating service is not something that a shipper can overlook. Fragile goods like cars and other appliances have to be adequately secured and cushioned during transit, or there is a risk of them damaging, and the cost is incurred. The degree of crating depends on the size, shape, and manner of shipping used. This will determine if cushioning, shrinking and pallets are to be used.

Common Crating Services

Apart from merely crating the goods, the services of a crating company may include:

  • Building custom crates.
  • Vacuum wrapping and shrink wrapping packages.
  • Controlling corrosion during shipment.
  • Packing the shipments to freight containers.

  • Some companies offer large crating and specialty crating services that may handle any size, weight, or shape of anything that needs to be packaged and shipped.


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