Accessorial Services Definition


Accessorial Services Definition

Accessorials are unforeseen extra costs for transportation services such as added pickups, packing and unpacking fees.

What Are Accessorial Services?

Accessorials are unforeseen extra costs for transportation services such as added pickups, packing and unpacking fees. Other fees charged by freight carriers include trailer detention, fuel increases, and re-delivery costs. Unlike most fees in transport, accessorials are evaluated and applied post-shipment.

Besides, accessorials can be quite challenging to estimate for any logistics company and supply chain budget. This often brings more challenges to the supply chain manager, especially during the event of losses. Here at Heavy Equipment Transport, we strive to offer state-of-the-art assessments concerning unforeseen freight costs.


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Accessorials Affecting Your Business? We Can Make You Proactive

Most freight companies are using accessorials to make money today. If you need to manage your supply chain and shipping costs, we can get you there. We know how the industry works besides promising exceptional transportation services. Through rigorous analysis of shipping history, business owners can identify how accessorials work.

More so, conduct extensive research about freight carriers to determine their shipping costs and unforeseen charges. Always focus on delivery drivers to understand these fees better. With our service, we ensure we maintain transparency when it comes to accessorials. For more information, contact us today to learn more.

Common Accessorial in Heavy Equipment Transport

Let's face it; most shipment receivers get frustrated when requested to pay fees after the shipment reaches its destination. Primarily, these fees and other hidden charges are determined based on work done during the shipping process. For instance, a driver may pay specific fees when loading and unloading the freight. Here are common accessorials in our freight carrier;

  • Inside Loading and Unloading Accessorials: Some business owners can become confused when freight carriers or shippers mention accessorial fees. Most of them may consider these fees unrealistic. Here, these charges apply when the driver uses other means to load the shipment than a loading dock.
  • Residential Freight Charges: Sometimes, a home-based business may request freight services. If the load is in a tight area, the truck may find it hard to reach these locations. Hence, the need for extra costs arises to either pick up or re-deliver the items. This is where additional and unexpected charges may originate.
  • Liftgate Accessorials: Some fees may be added to the bill if the receiver requests deliveries or pickups using the truck's liftgate. It is similar to packing and unpacking accessorials due to the loading and unloading actions. A liftgate is a hydraulic section in the back of the truck that lowers and raises loads. It facilitates seamless loading and unloading in destinations without shipping docks.
  • Restricted Access Site Delivery and Pickup: Military bases, government facilities, and airports researched through searches of freight trucks. The carrier must also interact with restricted access to deliver or pickup items. More time and resources are put into such events, and the company may incur specific costs. Other situations may include additional fees, which are considered accessorials.
  • Special Accessorials: Also referred to as white-glove service, involves additional movement of items after delivery. Once the driver delivers the cargo and provides other services, the receiver will incur the cost. Some freight carriers charged based on the distance and flight of stares covered by the driver.

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