Shipping Rates


Shipping Rates Definition

Shipping refers to the physical movement or transport of a product from one place to another. Therefore, when you buy machinery, its movement from the manufacturer or your point of purchase to your preferred destination is referred to as shipping. Shipping rate is the money you pay to a heavy equipment transport company to deliver your purchase.

Shipping rates are also known as transportation costs, hauling fees, or freight charges. Shipping rates are influenced by numerous factors, but choosing reliable companies such as Heavy Equipment Transport ensures that you get the value for the rates you pay.

What Factors Influence Shipping Rates

Desired Shipping Speed - At Heavy Equipment Transport, our shipping rates depend on how fast you need your product shipped. Urgent deliveries cost more because the company has to put more effort into expediting the shipment process.

Your Equipment Type - At Heavy Equipment Transport, we ship all types of large and oversized cargo. Some equipment requires more manpower and attracts other costs such as pilot cars. The more complex your item is to handle, the higher the shipping rates.


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Factors Continued

Destination Location - The more the distance a heavy transport has to cover, the higher the shipping rates. If your item is far from its origin point, you are likely to pay more shipping costs.

Shipping Insurance - Heavy equipment transporting companies have to purchase shipping insurance for the cargo being delivered. The insurance required for the different heavy cargo categories influences the shipping rates.

Do all Heavy Equipment Companies have similar shipping rates?

All heavy transport companies have their unique logistics. Their daily expenditures are not standardized. They are located in different parts of the country, and they enjoy different economies of scale. Their business models are also vastly dissimilar. This means that their shipping rates vary. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we endeavor to ensure that our prices are competitive, yet among the most affordable.

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