Parcel Shipping


Parcel Shipping Definition

It involves the transportation of smaller and lighter boxed goods weighing less than 100 pounds. Parcels can be moved seamlessly with no assistance and is an economical method of shipping several small packages per time.

How Does Parcel Shipping Work?

The shipper drops their parcels at a location of their choice. They are then loaded on the conveyor belts, where they are automatically sorted and organized by machines before being loaded onto the truck. Once in the truck, the parcels can be delivered directly to their end client or transferred several times before reaching their ultimate destination.

Parcel shipping is a straightforward and hassle-free process, especially when working with such a reliable shipping company as Heavy Equipment Transport. Once your package is in our hands, we will handle the entire process guaranteeing you safe and timely parcel delivery to commercial and residential addresses.


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Benefits of Parcel Shipping Services

It is the easiest and most economical way of shipping small packages, including important files, documents, and gifts. This saves you the time you have wasted waiting on the long annoying queues at the post office.

Cost Advantage - Parcel freights are small and can therefore be transported in higher volumes making it easy to transport a large shipment at once.

Proactive shipping update throughout the shipping process-At Heavy Equipment Transport, we leverage the latest technology in the industry in our shipping activities. The tracking code makes it easy for shippers to check their freight shipping status just with a customer id. It also makes it possible for clients to communicate with the hauling team at any time.


You need to work with the best carrier company for a successful parcel shipping and delivery company. Take time to analyze the options provided and pay attention to their reviews from previous customers, reputation, and affordability. Call Heavy Equipment Transport today!

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