Over the Road Trucking


Over The Road Trucking Definition

Over the road trucking involves hauling cargo over long distances and being on the road for over three weeks at a time. Every day, drivers gain more experience on the road and are confident enough to plan their routes and cover more than local and regional grounds.

When Should You Use OTR?

OTR is an excellent choice for less-than-truckload and full-truckload shipments as you can move numerous commodities across long distances. If your cargo has any of these characteristics, OTR might be the best shipping option for you.

High-value, perishable or fragile products

Temperature-controlled commodities

Expedited or time-sensitive products

Any item ranging from one pallet to a full truckload


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Advantages of Over the Road Trucking

Fast Delivery Services - Over the road truck drivers do not have to stick to a particular schedule during the shipping process. For instance, drivers at Heavy Equipment Transport are flexible enough to schedule their shipping program according to our clients' needs. You can therefore trust them to transport and deliver your cargo in line with your time frame. This comes in handy, especially when handling expedited, perishable, or short-notice freight.

Ability to Handle Large Orders - OTR trucking can work for all types of high-volume shipments. Whether you need to transport farm equipment and produce, construction equipment, or automotive, all you need is a reliable shipping partner by your side. At Heavy Equipment, we have invested in an incredible fleet to help you transport your cargo timely, safely, and affordably.

Advantages of Over the Road Trucking Continued

Security - With an experienced carrier by your side, you are assured of a hassle-free shipping process. Since they understand the ins and outs of logistics, they will guide you through the entire shipping process, including acquiring the necessary shipping permits. Therefore, you can relax and carry on with your daily activities as your carrier manages your freight right from dispatch to delivery.

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