Not Otherwise Indicated (NOI)


Not Otherwise Indicated (NOI)

Not otherwise Indicated (NOI) is a special category designated to any freight that does not seem to fit in any class provided in the NMFC. The NMFC numbers determine the freight fees assigned for your cargo according to its density, liability, ease of handling, and freight stowability.

When Should You Use NOI?

The NOI class should be used with precaution as most freight have a definite NMFC freight number assigned to them. Besides, the inspection crew is most likely to check out an unusual shipment. Therefore, it is vital that you only use this class when there is entirely no other option available-consult an expert if unsure. It would be a problem if your carriers had to re-classify your freight which belongs under a different NMFC number.

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Determining Your Not Otherwise Indicated Freight Rates

Ensure that your freight is accurately categorized before shipping it to avoid unnecessary hefty charges. It is crucial that you explore all other categories before settling on NOI as the ultimate choice for your Freight-You might even want to consult an expert. Some shipping companies such as Heavy Equipment Transport can help you. Here are some of the factors that might influence your shipment's freight rates.

Pounds Per Cubic Feet (PCF) - It refers to your item's density. You can determine your freight density by dividing the total cubic inches (length x width x height) by 1728 to get the total cubic feet. Your freight weight is then divided with the Top Back of the Curb (TBC) to get its PCF score.

Not Otherwise Indicated Freight Rates Continued

Weight - Your freight's density and, therefore, stowability affects its shipping rates. If you are shipping two freights weighing the same, there are higher chances that you will pay more for the item with higher density.

Ease of Handling - Some carriers consider your freight's liability and ease of handling when calculating its ultimate shipping costs.

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