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Heavy Equipment Transport: Trusted Tandem Axle Trailer Shipping Company

Hauling smaller weather-resistant cargo may be conveniently and efficiently done by using a tandem axle trailer. How about when you need the trailer shipped to a specified area? You'll need to partner with a professional shipping company with skilled personnel and the necessary machinery to handle the job. Think no further than Heavy Equipment Transport; we are a leading and trustworthy freight and shipment hauling company that hauls heavy-cargo while paying attention to details.

Heavy Equipment Transport boasts a competent and professional team of logistics agents, who work in collaboration with our transport drivers to make sure you receive customized services. Our company operates within every state of the US. Our localized offices have knowledgeable agents who know the policies and traffic laws governing long-distance shipment services. Therefore, they understand what legal documents are required, which roads to use, and the safest method of transportation.

Shipping Heavy Equipment Using Tandem Axle Trailer

Heavy Equipment Transport is an award-winning company with accreditation from the Bureau of Better Business (BBB). We are a reliable company with the license and authority to haul any heavy machinery that is best transported with tandem axle trailers not only within the continental US but we also cater to customers in Mexico and Canada. You can also help you to expand your operations by arranging for overseas imports and exports. The company partners with international shipment agencies to export the trailer, and we will include the third-party costs in the quote without any fleecing offers.

As the name suggests, a tandem axle trailer features two axles, one located next to the other. The additional axle system allows for the transportation of more weight with improved shock-absorption capabilities. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we understand that investing in the equipment dents your finances. That is why we will help you save by looking for the cheapest paths and the most efficient route to help you maximize savings.


How to Ship Heavy Equipment with Tandem Axle Trailers

Accessing our superior tandem axle trailer shipping services is but a phone call away. Heavy Equipment Transport offers freight-shipping services within the confines of the law. Hence, we will take care of the legal transportation documents and permits. We will use cranes and sturdy tie-downs when lifting, loading, and securing the load to not only ensure safety for the load but our workers as well. A trained and insured driver will take over the transportation. They've driven trucks for years, and will ship and deliver the equipment safely. Feel free to request an estimate by filling out the price request form on our website, and we will expedite it in a jiffy.

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