Outrigger Trailer Transport


Outrigger Trailer Transport With All-Inclusive Services

If your company deals with shipping wide pieces of machinery, then you need to invest in an outrigger trailer? Purchasing the freight-transport equipment is one of the critical steps of the procurement. The next enormous challenge is shipping the outrigger trailer over a long distance to your company's door. Heavy Equipment Transport not only transports partial, heavy, and super loads, but we also ship outrigger trailers of any length. We are an industry-seasoned freight and shipment company, with over ten years in the hauling sector. Each of our logistics agents and transport drivers is experienced in what they do, and we pledge to pick up the cargo and ship it to the destination within the preset time frame.

We bring our superior services right to where you operate. In over 50 states in the US, HET has established local offices. We will deal with your shipment professionally because you are our client, and it is our tacit goal to make you happy.

Nationwide and International Outrigger Trailer Shipping

Outrigger trailers are used to transport equipment and machinery that has a wide separation between the wheels. It features outrigger attachments below the trailer deck, which can be deployed to increase the trailer width. Not only does HET excel in cross-country outrigger trailer shipping, but we also cater to clients in Canada and Mexico. We are licensed to transport heavy equipment to these regions. We back up our license with contingency cargo insurance to make sure that any losses, damages, or theft of in-transit trailers are covered. The best part is that the service does not require you to dig deeper into your pockets.

We can also help you expand your operations by providing outrigger trailer exportation services to any international destination. We are partners with many trusted freight and shipment agents in overseas destinations. You can take advantage of our cargo-tracking services to keep tabs on the progress of your shipment.


How to Ship an Outrigger Trailer with Heavy Equipment Transport

HET adheres to safety codes when handling outrigger trailer transport. We will examine the length of the trailer and find a capable truck-trailer system that can efficiently haul the outrigger freight-moving equipment. We have state-of-the-art cranes operated by trained personnel, which can lift and load the trailer for transportation. Our weight and leverage experts will offer assistance with positioning and securing the load. Eventually, we find one of our experienced drivers who can ship the outrigger trailer to the destination safely, securely, and on-time.

Common Types of Outrigger Trailers We Ship

Consumers can purchase a wide range of outrigger trailers. The choice of equipment significantly depends on the type of load and its weight. Some common examples available in consumer markets include the following:

  • Double Drop (Lowboy) Trailers
  • Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailers
  • Extended RGN Trailers
  • Step-Deck Trailers
  • Drop Deck Trailers, Etc.
  • excavator

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