Towing a 1998 Kidron Box Truck with Heavy Equipment Transport

William Thomas

Willam Thomas / January 2021

A client called us with the need to transport a 1998 Kidron box truck from Doral, FL to a mechanic in Fort Lauderdale,  FL. He needed it shipped urgently because he wanted to use it later that day. Milos Visnjic, one of our specialists, was the one to ensure the vehicle was transported successfully. He fully insured the 1998 Kidron box truck and gained all the paperwork required. Despite a distance being a few miles, we ensure that every shipment we make is fully insured. This guarantees compensation in case of an accident. Our client had paid an extra fee for our expedited shipping services. After evaluating the 15,000 pounds  28L 8W 11.5H 1998 Kidron box truck, he decided that the most suitable trailer to transport it would be a flatbed.

Convenient 1998 Kidron Box Truck Moving Services

After Milos Visnjic had everything ready, he called one of our drivers in Doral, FL and told him where to pick up the vehicle. When our driver got there, he carefully loaded the 1998 Kidron box truck on the trailer and secured it tightly with some straps. He called Milos Visnjic who dispatched the shipment. Our driver had an option of using route I-595 E or FL-826 N and I-95 N. However, from years of shipping heavy machinery from Doral, FL to Fort Lauderdale, FL, our driver decided that the most convenient route was Ronald Regan Turnpike. Before moving any heavy machinery, we evaluate the best routes to use to make it to the drop off location faster.

Box truck loaded on RGN

Affordable and Fast 1998 Kidron Box Truck Towing Services

Our driver was careful along the way and stopped regularly to tighten the straps holding down the 1998 Kidron box truck. After about an hour, the driver was already at the drop off location. He managed to successfully offload the vehicle. Our client was very happy because we had made it on time and hired us to transport it back. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we provide affordable heavy machinery shipping services. To deliver heavy machinery or equipment with us, call us today through (888) 730-2951.

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