Three Types of Trailers for Heavy Equipment Transport

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William Thomas / January 2021

Flatbed Trailer Transport

A flatbed trailer comes in different sizes ranging from 48 feet to 53 feet—though the most common is 48 feet. Standard flatbeds are designed to can tow heavy equipment that weighs to 48000 pounds. The maximum height and width for a flatbed is 8.5 feet. It is usually 60 inches from the ground.

When to Use Flatbed Trailer Trucking For Heavy Equipment Transport

Ford utility truck on step deck trailer

Flatbed trailers are very versatile and, as such, are the most used types of trailers in the trucking and shipping industry. They can be used to transport different sizes of loads. Flatbed trailers are open from all sides, and this makes loading and offloading so easy. For instance, a crane can be used to pick the load from the top or a fork lifter from any of the sides. If you have an oversize cargo transport with an irregular shape and height, Heavy Equipment Transport has different flatbed trailers to seamlessly move your cargo from point A to point B. Since it is very open, we can secure your load with tarps, and tied own traps for safe delivery and protection against weather elements.

Advantages of Using a Flatbed Trailer for Delivery of Overweight Loads

  • • Since a flatbed trailer is open from all sides, it easy to work with when loading and offloading oversize loads or cargo with unique shapes. You don’t have to be scared of bumping into walls and causing damage. 
  • • Being an open-air trailer, a flatbed can be used to ship literally anything!
  • • Flatbeds tough and reliable for heavy trucking such as airplane parts and mobile homes.
wheel loader on lowboy trailer

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Step Deck Trailer Transport

Step deck trailer carries up to 48000lbs. Its lower deck is 37 feet by 8.5 feet, while its upper deck is 11 feet by 8.5 feet. The lower deck’s maximum height is 10 feet, while that of the upper deck is 8.5 feet.

When to Move Your Cargo Using a Step Deck Trailer

Just as the name suggests, a step deck trailer has two deck levels: an upper deck and a lower deck. The main difference between step deck trailers and flatbed trailers is the maximum legal height it can carry. If the equipment you intend to move cannot fit on the flatbed trailer because of height, the step deck trailer is the next great option. A step deck trailer is closer to the ground, and as such, provides a few extra inches for taller loads.

Advantages of Step Deck Trailer Towing and Shipping

  • • You can place the cargo with a few extra inches lower down the step deck and save yourself the hassle of seeking height permits
  • • A step deck trailer is closer to the ground compared to a flatbed trailer, and forklifts can be used to quickly and safely load and offload them
  • • Step deck trailers can easily be loaded with large cargo because they are close to the ground. They are the perfect trailers for large loads.


When to Use a RGN for Heavy Equipment Towing

Moving large equipment is cumbersome. Additionally, you need height permits to truck tall loads. The RGN trailer has a dropped region in the middle known as the “well”. It is perfect for carrying taller objects. With this well, you save yourself the hassle of looking for height permits because they can fit there well without exceeding the legal maximum height that a standard trailer is permitted to haul. Besides, the front end of the Removable Gooseneck Trailer is detachable, which makes loading and offloading from either end fast and convenient—you can directly drive a massive piece of equipment such as a bulldozer into the trailer.

Benefits of Moving Tall and Oversize Cargo with RGN Trailers

  • • A Removable Gooseneck Trailer saves you time you could have otherwise spent when seeking for height permits to transport bigger equipment across interstates.
  • • With a RGN, you don’t need other large pieces of machinery to help load and unload the trailer since you can drive in the equipment you intend to tow.

Choosing The Best Trailer for Transport

When it comes to transporting heavy machinery, you need to work with the experts. Heavy Equipment Transport determines the best trailer to haul your equipment with ease. We are here any time you need to move heavy equipment, and our expert logistics agents will find the best shipping solutions to fit your needs. Let’s get started! (888) 730-2951