Transporting Multiple Semi-Trucks From Colorado to Kansas

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William Thomas / January 2021

A company in Nunn, Colorado hired us to transport semi-trucks to Wichita, Kansas. The trucks were to be used to transport their goods around that state. Jason, one of our top-heavy equipment specialists was the one to process the shipment and handle everything until the semi-trucks were safely delivered. He fully insured the trucks and got all the necessary paperwork. Every load is insured for safe travel. Once all the details, permits, and paperwork were taken care of, Jason immediately contacted one of our transport drivers in Nunn, Colorado, and told him where he was to pick up the trucks.

State to State Semi Truck Transport Done Right

Jason chose a step deck trailer to transport the semi-trucks. When our driver got to the pickup location, he carefully loaded the trucks on the trailers and was ready to start the journey. Jason had advised our driver to follow route I-70 E because it had minimal traffic. Before dispatching any heavy equipment, we always consider the most convenient route to avoid any delays along the road. We ensure that every heavy equipment we transport gets to the client on time. The driver double checked that the semi trucks were safely secured for transport, and then began the journey.

Semi trucks on step deck trailer

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Delivering Multiple Semi Trucks Safely and On Time

Heavy Equipment Transport only uses professional and qualified drivers. After nine hours our driver safely delivered the semi-trucks. Heavy Equipment Transport guarantees safe and secure semi-truck shipping. Our transport is affordable and easily accessible. We offer all our clients free estimates for heavy equipment shipping services. With over a decade of experience, Heavy Equipment Transport has been shipping semi trucks all across the United States with quality service. Jason provided semi truck transport that exceeded the client expectations. Call now for a semi truck transport quote!

Jason Foltz

Jason Foltz


Jason founded NTS over a decade ago out of his own home. With vision, perseverance, and dedication, Jason saw his dream of a successful logistics company grow from a single office to multiple offices across the country. He guides his team, leading by example so each person has the best chance at succeeding. The company and Jason’s dream continues to grow, and he’s proud of his team’s achievements.