Shipping a Tempair TCA-100 Chiller with Heavy Equipment Transport

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William Thomas / January 2021

Sam, one of our Heavy Equipment Transport specialists, received a call from a client who wanted his Tempair TCA-100 chiller shipped from Englewood, CO to Pasco, WA. The client gave Sam a four day deadline. Expected to ship the Tempair TCA-100 chiller through over 1109 miles, Sam couldn’t waste any time. He started processing the shipment immediately. He fully insured the heavy equipment and gained all the right papers to have the Tempair TCA-100 chiller shipped with no issues. Heavy Equipment Transport has been shipping heavy equipment for over a decade now. We’ve gained resources, such as cranes and modern trailers, that make our shipping operations easy and fast.

Efficient Tempair TCA-100 Chiller Shipping Services

After evaluating the 10000 pound 19L 8.6W and 8.6H Tempair TCA-100 chiller, he had decided that a flatbed trailer transport would be the most suitable. Our specialists are professionals and they will always recommend the best trailer to transport your heavy equipment based on their size, weight and other specifications. The following day, he contacted our crane operators and a driver in Englewood, CO and gave them the location where they were to pick up the Tempair TCA-100 chiller. When they got there, they carefully loaded the heavy equipment on the trailer and tightly strapped. When our driver notified Sam that everything was ready, he was dispatched. 

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Safely and Timely Tempair TCA-100 Chiller Shipping Services

Having shipped heavy equipment to Pasco, WA often, our driver knew that I-80 W was the best route to use. It was fast and convenient. He later connected to I-84 W that goes all the way to Pasco, WA. When our driver got to the delivery point, he found another team of crane operators waiting for him. They safely unloaded the Tempair TCA-100 chiller. The client was highly impressed because we had delivered his heavy equipment on time and safely. He left a positive review on our website appreciating a job well done at affordable rates. To transport heavy equipment anywhere in the country, call us today through (888) 730-2951.

Sam Duncan

Sam Duncan


Sam has been with NTS for years now, and he’s proof positive that a positive attitude can take people far. He always comes to work ready to get the job done. He’s never too busy to take a call, return a call, or ensure customer satisfaction. Sam is the branch manager in West Palm, and he’s dedicated to his team’s success.