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Professional Equipment Transport Services in Ontario

Heavy Equipment Transport is among the best equipment transport companies in Ontario. We’re committed and efficient in shipping equipment of all weights, shapes, and sizes. With over a decade of experience, no equipment is too large or small for us. We have affiliates near you, and they’re familiar with the routes leading to and from every part of Ontario province. They will pick up or deliver your equipment at your doorstep, nearest terminal, warehouse, port, or any other location on time.

When shipping equipment that will cross borders, we cater for all the customs fees. You can trust us with your single or multiple pieces of equipment, and we will deliver them safely. Booking our services is easy. You email, call or fill out the short form on our website. Provide accurate information to help us make conclusive plans.

Common Equipment Shipped by Heavy Equipment Transport

  • Excavator Shipping
  • Dozer Transport
  • Crane Shipping
  • Wheel Loader Transport

  • Backhoe Transportation
  • Boat Transport
  • RV / Motorhome Shipping
  • Semi Truck Transport
  • Heavy Duty Truck Shipping
  • Forklift Transport
  • Boom Lift Shipping
  • Dump Truck Transport
  • Motor Grader Transportation
  • truck

    Equipment Shipping Services You Can Rely On in Ontario

    Heavy Equipment Transport ensures a specific agent only handles your shipment to make communication easy and fast. They will keep you updated and advise you on the best way to prepare your equipment for transport. Your equipment is shipped using a trailer that will evenly accommodate its weight and dimensions. When making a booking, make sure you know the model, make, transport date, pick-up, drop-off location, and other relevant information.

    Your equipment is loaded by professionals who drive it onto the trailer or lift it using a crane. Oversized and overweight equipment require a rigger crew to guide the driver or crane operator. We follow the rules and regulations of equipment transport in Ontario to ensure we’re fined. Every oversized or overweight equipment is accompanied by shipping permits and pilot cars if it’s too large or heavy. We cover customs charges for every piece of equipment crossing borders. Our equipment transport services in Ontario are available all year round. Call us today at (888) 730-2951.

    Pocket-Friendly Equipment Shipping Services in Ontario

    Heavy Equipment Transport must fully insure your equipment before transport. That’s important because if any accident occurs, you’re fully compensated. On arrival, we must inspect your equipment and fill out a BOL form that helps us know if your equipment is delivered safely. Therefore, ensure to clean it before and remove personal belongings because if they get damaged or lost, you won’t be compensated.

    Our drivers are professionals who know how to handle different types of equipment during the loading, unloading, and when in transit. They make regular integrity checks to tighten the chains and straps securing the equipment because they quickly get loose from the movement. Call us today for safe and timely equipment transport services in Ontario.

    Trailer Type

    Heavy Equipment Transport uses all types of trailers. We provide the best trailer trucking solutions to fit your needs. Find out more below!

    RGN Trailer

    RGN trailers are removable gooseneck trailers. These are a type of flat deck trailer, where the gooseneck at the front can be removed, creating a ramp. Find out more about our RGN trailer trucking solutions now!

    STEP DECK Trailer

    Also known as drop decks or lowboys, step deck trailers have multiple levels. It steps down in spots, allowing freight to be lower to the ground. Find out more about our step deck trailer trucking solutions now!

    FLATBED Trailer

    Flatbed trailers are one of the most common types on the road. They work for a wide variety of heavy equipment transport. Find out how we can provide flatbed trailer trucking solutions to fit your needs!