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Successful School Bus Transport Services Include:

Nationwide School Bus Hauling • School Bus Transport to Canada • Mexico School Bus Shipping • Inoperable School Bus Hauling • And More!

School Bus Shipping Services Proven Successful

School bus services don’t need to be complicated. At Heavy Equipment Transport we simplify school bus hauling, because simple solutions are often the best.

Whether your school bus is in perfect condition, or it’s inoperable, we’ll get it loaded on a specialized trailer. If the school bus runs, ramps are used to drive it on the trailer. If it’s inoperable, a winch or crane is used to load the bus safely.

School buses are a necessity across the country to safely transport children to and from school. Some buses have even been converted for small businesses, gardens, and other uses.

When you ship your school bus with Heavy Equipment Transport you can expect:

  • Quality school bus shipping services
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured transport
  • A dedicated school bus shipping specialist
  • Permits, paperwork, and details handled for you
  • Load assistance when necessary
  • And more!

  • At Heavy Equipment Transport we’re dedicated to providing you with top quality school bus shipping services.


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    What’s The Cost of Shipping a School Bus?

    The cost of shipping a school bus varies based on several factors. Something you’ve probably heard before, but it’s true. There’s no one cost to ship a school bus or any other vehicle or equipment. On average, you can figure that school bus transports costs start around $2.50 per mile. However, that is subject to change.

    Here are a few factors that influence the cost of school bus transport.

  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Permits
  • Distance to travel
  • Fuel prices
  • And more!

  • That’s why the best way to get the most accurate quote to ship your school bus is to speak with one of our expert transport agents. We’re available to answer all your questions and find the best possible price.

    Reliable School Bus Transport and On Time Delivery

    Some kids may miss the school bus, but we never miss on a reliable school bus transport. We’ve built our reputation on providing quality shipping services at affordable rates. Businesses and individuals alike know they can count on Heavy Equipment Transport for safe school bust transport and on time delivery.

    We transport school buses nationwide, to Canada, and Mexico year-round. Our expert team knows the ins-and-outs of school bus transport, and ensure that everything is done right.


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