What is Container Drayage?

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When you want to ship goods or equipment in containers from another state or country using a train, plane, or sea, you need a semi truck to get them from manufacturers to the designated transportation mode. So, first things first: Container drayage is short-distance transport to ports, railway stations, or airports. It is vital in intermodal transport, which involves transporting cargo between ports in the same town, city, county, or metropolitan area.

But remember that drayage only refers to truck transportation that covers short distances from manufacturers or warehouses to rail and from railways to final destinations. It facilitates the chain supply process by moving cargo between different modes of shipping.

If you want to understand how drayage works, it’s best to start by answering the question, what is intermodal container transport? Read more to learn more about container drayage.

What is Container Drayage?

Drayage ensures the cargo gets to and from its primary transportation mode, including train, plane, or ship, to your business, farm, or construction site.

After understanding “what is intermodal container transport?” it becomes easy to explain drayage in the shipping process. Intermodal transport is the hauling of cargo from one state or country to another using diverse modes of transportation, such as ships in oceans and trains.

For instance, if you are moving things to another state or country, the hauling process can start by using a truck to and from the airport or railway station. From the example, the trailer or truck transport only happens to and from the docks or ports.

Drayage ensures the cargo gets to and from its primary transportation mode, including train, plane, or ship, to your business, farm, or construction site. The container moving between ports and railways and last-mile delivery to destinations is called drayage.

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How Does Container Drayage Work?

For starters, drayage is a simple process in intermodal transport that might seem complicated, but it’s not. Shipping companies use drayage in container moving to ensure cargo gets to you in time.

Drayage starts after purchasing equipment or goods abroad or from another state far from your location and might need several modes of transport to get to you.

The hired shipping company plans the route the cargo will take to reach you safely and securely. It first uses trucks to move the containers from distribution hubs, warehouses, or manufacturers to the primary mode of transport, which includes planes, ships, or trains. The trucks transport the equipment or goods to the nearby ports, docks, railways, or airports for further transportation.

After unloading the drayage trucks, the shipping company uses top pickers to load ships or trains for transportation to your destination. When the cargo arrives in your town or city, you need another truck for drayage. The shipping company offloads containers from the train or ship for stacking. It then loads the cargo to another truck in the location to the final destination, which is your business or farm.

Hiring the best logistic company that offers intermodal transport makes the necessary arrangements, ensuring trucks are available for container drayage services in all locations with short-distance road hauling.

Transporting a Container on a step deck trailer.

What Are The Benefits of Container Drayage?

Container drayage offers numerous benefits for clients, truckers, and shipping companies, including:

  • Make containers move from one place to another easily.
    Using truck or trailer drayage helps shipping companies quickly move containers to railway stations or seaports for further transportation and to 
  • the final destination after unloading from ships, planes, or trains.

  • Without truck drayage, containers moving from docks, seaports, and shipping companies become problematic because of the short distance.
  • Enhanced efficiency:
    Drayage is the best way for shipping companies to improve efficiency when transporting cargo between docks and ports. It entails unloading from one mode of transport and reloading to another with the help of top-pick equipment.
  • Aids in logistics planning
    Drayage in intermodal transport improves logistics as shipping companies plan the route to your destination.
  • Increase of container safety
    Container drayage is essential in increasing safety as shipping companies ensure the cargo is secure before transportation from one dock or port to another.

Affordability of the services:
Container moving that has drayage services at some point might be cheaper than using a direct long route that has increased risks of cargo damage. The drayage is affordable because it covers short distances within the location.

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