Types of Trucking and What They Transport

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William Thomas / January 2021

Overweight or oversized machinery transports often exceed the standard legal limits for moving freight. Trucking such equipment requires specialized professionals with specialized permits and pilot cars.

Heavy equipment includes construction equipment, parts of industrial plants, and industrial boilers. Some equipment is transported in special containers and packaging such as crates, while others are shipped on an open flatbed trailer if it’s oversize equipment.

Hauling oversize/overweight loads requires special trailers and skillful experts. When you need to move your heavy equipment to the site, you need reliable logistics solutions to prevent costly delivery delays.


Different trucking handles different sizes of small and large cargo. A truck flatbed can tow equipment and machinery such as farm equipment, paving equipment, mini excavators, small construction equipment, hay balers, and industrial rigs.

1. Oversize load trucking

Industrial machinery is usually oversized, with some industrial plants having abnormal dimensions. Towing such heavy equipment is a skill that requires specialty towing trucks.

2. Wide load trucking

Wide loads can be anything from heavy construction machinery such as cranes to mining plants. Transporting such loads requires special care to avoid hazards along the way. Experienced pilot cars and escorts help in safely moving your cargo on open flatbed trailers.

3. Neo Bulk Cargo Trucking

Neo bulk cargo comprises prepackaged freight in defined units. Most of the cargo transported; in this type of trucking include bags, drums, boxes, or pallets.

4. LTL Trucking

Less-than-truckload shipping includes relatively small freight. Several shippers share the truckload space to make transportation more economical. Most people prefer LTL trucking services for their convenience—you can book as much truck space as you need. Another advantage is that you can ship to different locations along the same route of shipping truck.

5. Port to Port Trucking

Heavy equipment transport services help in the delivery of equipment to the port for shipping overseas. And also pick any equipment from the port to the site where it’s needed.

6. Trade Show Trucking

After you buy equipment from a trade show, you need comprehensive transport arrangements in place. Trade show trucking solutions safely move your equipment to its destination.

7. Catastrophic recovery trucking

Natural disastrous events such as tornadoes and hurricanes leave behind a trail of destruction. Catastrophic recovery trucking helps to safeguard expensive machinery and equipment from damage by such acts of nature.

8. Breakbulk cargo trucking

Breakbulk cargo trucking allows for the towing of freight that doesn’t fit in the standard shipping containers. You can tow oversize vehicles, construction equipment, or boats using this type of trucking service.

9. Drive-away services

Rather than shipping your oversize vehicle on a trailer, a professional driver travels to the pickup point and drives it on your behalf to its destination. It’s convenient when you don’t have a professional driver at your disposal.

10. Hotshot trucking

Hotshot trucking transports relatively small, time-sensitive loads to any accessible location. When you need to move equipment to a construction site quickly, or you need to move an HVAC to your property, this is the best type of trucking to use.

Trailers used for hotshot trucking include;

· Deck over Trailers

Thanks to a large deck, there’s enough room over the trailer to fit all your equipment.

· Lowboy trailers

A low center of gravity offers stability for heavy loads while clearing height restrictions in most states across the US.

· Gooseneck Trailers

These trailers are ideal for larger freights like a shipping container with a max 40 feet length. Experienced drivers safely transport medium to large cargo to various destinations.

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