Transporting Hiniker 6000 Cultivator-16 Rows

William Thomas

Transporting Hiniker 6000 Cultivator-16 Rows with the Professionals

Brian was assigned to help a client transport Hiniker 6000 cultivator-16 rows from Hebron, NE to Wheatfield, IN. The client had just bought the farm equipment and wanted to have it transported soon enough for cultivation. He opted to pay for our expedited shipping services. At an extra fee, your heavy equipment is transported urgently. Brian started processing the shipment and took care of the paperwork to have it hauled. He then fully insured the Hiniker 6000 cultivator-16 rows. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we insure every heavy equipment we ship. This way, our clients are guaranteed compensation if an accident happens when their heavy equipment is in our possession.

Reliable Hiniker 6000 Cultivator-16 Rows Shipping Services

After Brian evaluated the specifications of the hiniker 6000 cultivator-16 rows, he decided that a flatbed trailer was the most suitable for transport. The capacity of the flatbed trailer was enough to accommodate the weight and size of the Hiniker 6000 cultivator-16 rows. Brain immediately contacted one of our drivers in Hebron, NE and gave him the pickup location. He also contacted a professional who would help load the hHniker 6000 cultivator-16 rows loaded on the trailer. When our driver got there, he parked in a strategic position so that the heavy equipment would be loaded easily.

Cultivator on step deck trailer

Fast and Affordable Hiniker 6000 Cultivator-16 Rows Shipping Services

When the professional loaded it, they strapped it tightly while observing the sharp blades. After they confirmed everything was ready, our driver called Brian, who dispatched the shipment. Brian advised our driver to use route I-80 E. Before any shipment is dispatched, we always do some research on the most convenient route. This saves us some time and we get to the drop off location on time. Along the way, our driver constantly stopped to tighten the straps securing the Hiniker 6000 cultivator-16 rows. This is important because straps get loose when heavy equipment is in transit due to the movement. After 11 hours, the driver had already delivered the heavy equipment. To ship heavy equipment, contact us today through (888) 730-2951.

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