Transporting a Ford Crane Truck with the Pros

Transporting a Ford Crane Truck with the Pros

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William Thomas / January 2021

A construction company contacted us to transport a Ford crane truck from Meridian, MS to Independence, MO. Tye Fort, one of our top heavy equipment transport specialists was the one to process the shipment. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we give our clients a specific specialist to tend to their shipment. This was, they can always have a specific person to call when they want to have any questions answered. Our specialists are professionals with years of experience. They have the knowledge of how to process every shipment and all the necessary requirements. Tye fully insured the Ford crane truck and took care of all the paperwork. After looking at the specifications of the Ford crane truck, Tye Fort decided that a hot shot trailer transport was best.

Reliable Ford Crane Truck Transport with Heavy Equipment Transport

Even if our clients don’t provide us with the specifications of their heavy equipment, we always do our research to ensure that the most suitable trailer is used. Our Heavy Equipment Transport specialists suggest the most suitable trailer to transport our clients’ heavy equipment based on their weight, size and other specifications. Tye Fort called one of our transport drivers in Meridian, Missouri and told him where to pick  up the truck. When our driver got there, he loaded the Ford crane truck on the hot shot trailer and secured it well using chains.  He then called Tye Fort who dispatched the shipment. 

Ford crane truck on hot shot trailer

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Safe and Timely Ford Crane Truck Shipping Services

Before every shipment is dispatched, we do research on the best route to use. Here, I-55 N was the most suitable route to use. It was fast and convenient. We ensure to use safe routes to guarantee the safety of our client’s heavy equipment and to beat the deadline. After twelve hours, the driver was already at the drop off location ready to unload the Ford crane truck. Our drivers are professionals with loading and unloading heavy equipment. To ship heavy equipment, call us today through (888) 730-2951.

Tye Forte

Tye Forte

Heavy Transport Specialist

Tye began as a logistics agent with NTS and worked his way up to become the branch manager of the Orlando office. With several years of hands-on experience, Tye has become an leading expert in the logistics field. He ships everything from cars to heavy equipment. With his diligence and patience, he always finds the best shipping solutions for each client.