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William Thomas / January 2021

A client hired us to transport a John Deere LT155 Mower from Sparta, NJ to Clinton, NJ. He had just hired the mower to use the following day and needed to return it the day after. He paid for our expedited shipping services to have the John Deere LT155 mower transported immediately. Nick H, one of our most experienced specialists, was assigned to process the shipment. He fully insured the John Deere LT155 mower after he had all the paperwork ready. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we insure every shipment we make despite the distance being short.

Reliable John Deere LT155 Mower Shipping Services

Before calling a driver, Nick H had to look at the specifications of the John Deere LT155 mower to decide the type of trailer to be used. He concluded that the 42 inch deck, 500 pounds, 6L 3W and 4H mower would be transported using a flatbed trailer. Our specialists are professionals when it comes to recommending trailers. They are fully familiar with the specifications of each. Having identified the trailer to be used, Nick H called our affiliates in Sparta, NJ and requested for a driver to go to the pickup location. 

John Deere lawn mower on hot shot trailer

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Convenient John Deere LT155 Mower Shipping Services

When our driver got there, he carefully loaded the John Deere LT155 mower to the trailer and secured it using straps. Our drivers are trained on how to handle different heavy equipment when loading and unloading them. As soon as our driver confirmed everything was ready, he called Nick H who dispatched the shipment. The most suitable route was I-287 S. He later connected to route I-78 W all the way to the drop off location. After an hour and 20 minutes, he had already unloaded the mower and was ready to leave. The client was happy because we had delivered the John Deere LT155 mower on time and safely. He hired us to transport it back once he was done. To ship heavy equipment with Heavy Equipment Transport, contact us today through (888) 730-2951.

Nick H

Nick Howells


Nick is a logistics agent who is always on top of the game. With thousands of completed transports under his belt, he’s always ready for the next challenge. His top priority is providing each client with a quality shipping experience. He’s available, day or night, for each of his clients.