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William Thomas / January 2021

Sam, one of our top heavy equipment specialists, was contacted by a client who needed his Powerstar 75 tractor shipped from Beecher, IL to Fayetteeville, NC. With a deadline of two days. Sam didn’t wait until the deadline was close to start processing the shipment. He fully insured the Powerstar 75 tractor and got all the documents necessary for its shipment. He evaluated the 6300 pound 13L 8W and 8.6H tractor and decided that the tractor would be best shipped using a flatbed trailer. The following day, he contacted one of our drivers in Beecher IL and gave him the location of where he was to pick up the tractor. When he got there, he carefully loaded it and strapped it using chains.

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At Heavy Equipment Transport, we train all our personnel how to handle different heavy equipment when loading and unloading them from trailers. Once Sam confirmed everything had been done right, he dispatched the shipment. From years of shipping heavy equipment from IL to NC, our drivers knew that the most convenient and the fastest route was I-70 E. Along the way, he regularly stopped and tightened the chains holding down the Powerstar 75. We encourage all our drivers to do this as often as possible because loose heavy equipment on transit can lead to a serious accident. 

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After about 15 hours, our driver was already at Fayetteville, NC unloading the tractor. Our client was highly impressed because we had delivered the Powerstar tractor earlier than the deadline he had given us and safely. At Heavy Equipment Transport, we commit ourselves to ensuring our clients are content and satisfied with our shipping services. Our heavy equipment shipping services are affordable and easily accessible. With Heavy Equipment Transport, you get to rest and wait for your heavy equipment at your doorstep. We do all the work so that you can rest. We provide our clients with free and accurate heavy equipment shipping quotes. To transport any heavy equipment, call us through (888) 730-2951.

Sam Duncan

Sam Duncan


Sam has been with NTS for years now, and he’s proof positive that a positive attitude can take people far. He always comes to work ready to get the job done. He’s never too busy to take a call, return a call, or ensure customer satisfaction. Sam is the branch manager in West Palm, and he’s dedicated to his team’s success.