Shipping a GMC C7500 Bucket Truck with Heavy Equipment Transport

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William Thomas / January 2021

Jay Hays, one of our top specialists was assigned to transport a GMC C7500 bucket truck from Jacksonville, FL to Tulsa, OK. The client had given us a three-day deadline. However, Jay Hays didn’t wait until the deadline was near. Instead, he immediately started processing the shipment. He fully insured the GMC C7500 bucket truck and took care of the paperwork. After evaluating the 25,000 pounds, 26L 8.2W 12.5H GMC C7500 bucket truck, he decided that a flatbed trailer transport would be the best way to go. The following morning, he contacted our affiliates in Jacksonville, FL, and was told that one of our drivers was available that day. He immediately scheduled to have the GMC C7500 bucket truck transported that very day. He gave the driver the location where he was to pick up the heavy machinery as well as the drop-off location.

Convenient GMC C7500 Bucket Truck Transport

When our driver got to the pickup location, he carefully loaded the GMC C7500 bucket truck and secured it safely on the trailer. He then called Jay Hays alerting him the loading process was successful and the shipment was dispatched. From years of shipping heavy machinery and equipment from Jacksonville, FL to Tulsa, OK, our driver knew that route I-40 W was the most convenient. Our specialists suggest the best trailers to transport our clients’ heavy machinery or equipment based on their specifications. Regardless of the shipping distance, we ensure that everything we ship is fully insured.

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Our driver made several integrity checks along the way. He would stop and tighten the straps holding down the GMC C7500 bucket truck. This is mandatory because a loose heavy machinery or equipment could cause a severe accident if not well secured. After about 18 hours, the driver was at the drop off location unloading the GMC C7500 bucket truck. The client was highly impressed because we had delivered his heavy machinery before the deadline and safely. To transport heavy equipment or machinery, call us through (888) 730-2951.

Jay Hays

Jay Hays

Heavy Transport Specialist

Jay specializes in hauling heavy equipment, boats, and aircrafts. For complex moves, Jay knows how to make it simple. An out-of-the-box thinker, he always finds a creative solution for the more complicated transports. It’s one of the many reasons his clients keep coming back.